Nov 21

Mackhouse First Anniversary

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Wow! it has been One whole year since the this site opened. Well a year and a few days. I wanted to post on the actual anniversary but was too busy with finishing up the adventure game i am working on for work. Yep another game. Crazy schedule i know. 

Well it seems this site has seen a lot of views and has made a connection with many of you out there. Thanks to to everyone for visiting and commenting on this blog. It makes it all worth while to make and keep updated. 

Lots has changed for us over the last year. Being Pregnant, my new job, driving to Cali and Mexico, Naomi's accident, buying a house, taking in some hockey students, and let's not forget the arrival of Tristan!

So now our family is bigger and better, and growing. So this site will just have to grow with us.

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We look forward to the next year and are sure that it will bring some more interesting stuff. So please keep visiting our little blog and we hope to see you all here.

Cheers Cool

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  1. papa says...
    November 21st, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

    Hi kids congrats on your first year
    what a good picture of a wonderful family
    take care and keep at it

    with love your papa in southern Brasil
    (got to go -swim- eat etc..)
    ps -tell the family I’m looking for emails from home

  2. bea says...
    November 22nd, 2006 @ 9:27 am

    hi guys – hope you have a good trip naomi to edmonton.
    Ernie can’t get e mails so said to go here. Ernie, everything is fine here. Dave finished with the verve, tristan is growing, and annika is fine. The girls will have a great time with the babies. Gladys is doing the shower for the family – some of troy’s relatives will be there. miss you and love you all to my family

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