Aug 30

Fireplace Update 4 – Nearly there

I have to say that this project has been a lot more work than I had anticipated. It is amazing how the little details can eat up all the time but now it is close to done and ready to be fired up and enjoyed this weekend.

I finally got all the rock work done this being the large bulk of the work and running out of rock was no picnic either. That said I was able to buy up all the rest of the leftover rock available at my supply and just had enough. The back of the fireplace went fairly quick as I didn’t spend as much time on laying it out and being picky. Seriously who is going to stare at the back anyways.

Next was to start working on building the chairs so I could have an idea of the actual space I needed in front of the feature so that I could lay the brick and put in the retaining wall.

Now that I had a good idea of the space needed everything needed to be dug out and levealed. This is where again a large amount of work came. Over the months the ground had really compacted and basically I was chipping up the ground. Couple this with the fact that I was very anal about getting everything level with a small slope to allow for drainage. In the end it isn’t perfect but hey this is the outdoors right? Next came laying the pavers which was really quick especially when the boys where manning the “brick brigade”.

Now comes all the minor details such as building the barn doors for the side closets staining everything and laying the grout on between the flat slate. I used a really cool process to age the wood. First step was a distress the wood by banging it with hammers, nails, rocks chisels and anything else we could find. The boys loved this part of course. After this all the wood was “painted” with tea to introduce tanins in the wood. During this whole time I was soaking steep wool in vinegar which was used to paint the wood next. The iron in the vinegar reacts with the tanins in the tea and greys the wood this part was super cool and happend almost immediately. Then it was onto staining. You can see the steps between the tea, vinegar and stain below. as you can see the final product turned out really great and exactly what I was hoping for.

Next up is to mount the doors, place the lighting, back with with soil and install the top hood. The top hood I will have to wait for it to be manufactured for me but we will start enjoying the final product before then.

Next post will be the more final pictures stay tuned!


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  1. Naomi says...
    August 30th, 2013 @ 12:50 pm

    Awesome! I am so proud that MY husband did this! You put so much into it and now it’s paying off. Yay!

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