Jan 03

Snow, Christmas and New Year’s

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Happy New Year everyone!! Gone is 2010 and now a new start with 2011. First a report on the last few weeks of snow, family, great food, friends and even a birthday.

The boys have been having great fun in the snow shoveling, sleding and building snowmen. Although they never last long as they get cold really easily and find it hard to keep their gloves on. They have discovered the best thing of going outside in the cold… coming inside for the hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Our office Christmas party was a blast with a mascarade theme and lots of dancing. Naomi really went all out with her makeup and all and looked just amazing.

Christmas was spent with both families in town here. We had my family here at our place for Christmas eve and Mom insisted on doing all the food of which we all ate too much while the boys just danced around with excitement. We left some milk and cookies out for Santa with the very excited discovery that only some crumbs were left along with some full stockings. Then it was off to the in-laws for the rest of the day for dinner and more gifts and a detour to pick up the neighbour’s dog from the kennel and uncle Dave. It was great to have Dara and Sheldon in town and enjoy Christmas together. Christmas was then over as soon as it had came. Unfortunately I was unable to get some great pictures due to my camera sucking at low light but that will change soon.

Having time off this year we took the boys swimming and to the indoor play gym and spent a lot of quality time with them. I even got to play some video games , woohoo!! However the boys did get sick so this wasn’t pleasant to deal with.

New Year’s was spent with us hosting a party at our place. It was small with just a few friends but lots and lots of appies, staying up way too late and grumpy sick kids. In the end it was a really great party and soo good to actually get to celebrate with friends this year.

Lastly things ended with cousin Shelby’s Birthday party. There was lots of waffles, cake, minnie mouse and pink!! I have to say that the kids got the coolest party gifts.

It was a good time but very busy and crazy and I am not sure if we got any rest in or not, but we are looking forward to the New Year.

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