Oct 26

The Long Lost Summer Post

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Yes I am posting on the summer deep into autumn, we have been very busy this summer and it shows in the fact that we haven't posted in a long will. We now is the time for us to get off our lazy butts and start this blog rolling again. This post will be a bit longer and full of images but hey we all got to get caught up.

First we will start with our first road trip as a family to Radium for my great aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary. The boys once we got to Radium had a really great time getting to explore the area and see the "mountains". The anniversary celebration was a lot of fun getting to meet some relatives that we have never met before at a Bavarian restaurant in Windermere with your choice of schnitzel, schnitzel or schnitzel (literally!!). The polka and yodeling was just hilarious. I have to say though at the end having the iPad was a huge bonus when trying to keep kids entertained in restaurants and in the car. Of course we had to stop in Sicamous for ice cream and to see the cows. 

Of course the summer has been spent down at the lake as much as we possibly could. Unfortunately due to it being a cooler than normal summer and the numerous kids birthday parties to attend. The boys favourite of being down at the lake is uncle Sheldon's seadoo and picnics although they do like going in the kayak as well. We have also seen Tristan get more and more comfortable with the water which is soo good to see.

Speaking of birthdays numerous ones where celebrated including uncle Dave, Nana (Bea), uncle Sheldon a little early and of course Tristan. Some where celebrated a little more extravigatly then others that being Sheldon's with a medieval feast at the Gausthouse and Tristan's pirate party. Tristan's present from us this year was a tickle trunk to store all his costumes in, one of his favourite things is dressing up.


Peppered in all of this was lots of other fun. Let's see there was local festivals, staff parties, learning to ride bikes, parks, slip and slides, pools, tons of waffles with fresh local fruit, and picking vegetables out of the garden (tomatoes galour. On top of all this we got a special visit with our friends Alex and Hannah, it was really great to see them twice in one year instead of once every 3 or so years/


One big thing for us is that I finally broke down and got some irrigation put in and had the landscaper fix up the front of our house by the road. I had battled enough with the salt kill from every winter on the front lawn and manually watering. Now we amazingly green lawn all the time and use less water… Yay!! The boys loved watching this all get done from excatators to "the man" yes the man. The man was the landscaper that did all the work how over the course of 2 weeks became known to the boys as "Iron Man", he just loved this. With this work all being done I have also been extra inspired to build my water feature in the backyard but more of that in a later post.


One amazing highlight for Naomi and I was getting to go down to LA for a little over a week. Naomi has a yearly meet up with her team from work which consists of people from London, Sao Palo, Buenos Aires and of course here Kelowna. This year Naomi set up the event to be in LA specifically the Grand Californian at Disneyland. I got to tag along as we figured the hotel was paid for so it was just my expenses, and flight. It was a really awesome time very relaxing for me maybe not so much for Naomi as she had to work during the days but well worth it. I even got that chance to visit my friend in Tijuana after a train ride down the coast this was my fun adventure (including In & Out Burge, and a very quick walk around San Diego downtown) rand allowed me to see the great progress on the YWAM base they have made (of course I had to get some Tacos as well… yum!!!). We made sure to get as many pictures with mascots as possible for the kids and eat the Monte Cristos at New Orleans Cafe (highly highly recommend!!!) and I think I know almost every inch of Disneyland after 7 days in the park. On top of all this we got to visit with our friends Debbie and Shane and introduce their little guy Luke to Disney parades and the Tiki Tiki room. We have to say that American portions of food are huge!!! So much so that we had lunch often the next day off of previous nights meal… yikes! We do highly highly recommend that if you are at Disney you make the effort to see World of Color in the California Park it is simply one of the most breathtaking things I have every seen. After this great trip the boys got their special gift from Disneyland which they enjoyed so much.


After all this I leave you with a picture of our very silly boys er.. monkeys….

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