Dec 31

Two Christmases

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Christmas has come and gone for most of us and we were lucky enough to have two this year. First was Christmas with my family on the eve and day. Christmas eve is usually one of my fav's as we attend we usually attend a traditional Christmas candlelight service. However this year was not the traditional service as we attend the production at Trinity Baptist, all I have to say was wow! The presentation they put on was amazing!! From angels coming down from the roof to a giant snake, amazing lights, and crazy animal costumes myself and the boys were enthralled. Rhys during each scene would just exclaim WOOOWWWW!!! and then after AGAIN!! Making everyone around us giggle.

Of course after all this we all headed back to our house for some much looked forward to grub and the opening of presents. This year my mom made sushi and I made up some gioza which my grandma's were none to thrilled about but we still had the traditional german fair of cold cuts cheeses and baking to keep them happy. I think my brothers where happy too as there was little food left (somebody really needs to cook for those boys).

Next as always in our family came the presents and boy what fun to watch the boys open theirs. Christmas is really for them is and is so much more fun with them as it is really magical. Of course as typical kids we really only needed to let them open one present and they are good to play for awhile. Oh well what fun there is more!! 

In the morn of course their was stockings from Santa, what is becoming traditional eggs benny in our house and then off to my parents for turkey dinner yum!!

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Now after all this Naomi's family arived all in town after the weekend and we got to start it all over again. This time the dinner was one of my fav's roladan (beef wrapped around bacon and a pickle and cooked in gravy yum!!) turkey dinner came two days later on new year's day! Then we were off to open even more presents!! Yikes sometimes I think the presents get out of hand but it is fun. It was so much fun to watch the boys be the "elves" and hand out everyone their present, they just loved doing this as I remember loving it as a kid too.  I think that is one of the great things about Christmas now with our own kids is remember what Christmas was like when I was a kid a trying to re-create that for them.

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Amounst all of this we there was of course lot more that happened. We finally got snow but too late for Christmas but the boys got to use their new shovels and "help dad" shovel the driveway. As I had 2 weeks off work as well as usual on weekends and when I have time off I usually make a really good breakfast. As you saw above on Christmas morning it was eggs benny, and on another day one of my recent new recipes my interpretation of eggs florentine (see below), and amounst that was breakfast fajitas, omelets and my version of grilled cheese sandwich. Someday I will post these recipes. 

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We all here at the Mackhouse hope you had a great Christmas as well and would love to hear about it. Please feel free to let us know. I will now leave you will some pics of the boys and their "tea party" which they insisted on having.

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  1. Elke says...
    January 9th, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

    Two Christmas’…….aaahhhhhhhhh to be a kid again. Thanks for sharing!

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