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Fire has been unleashed!!

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Card-Jitsu: Fire has been un-leashed!! What is this you ask? Well it is the latest project i have been working on at work over the last 9 months or so. One of many projects but probably one of the largest of the many. Card-Jitsu: Fire is the next stage in the Ninja experience on Club Penguin and so far the game has met with great success (yay! was a lottle worried to say the least). It has been a crazy last few months just getting this thing done. 

The ninja experience for those of you who do know all started a year ago in November with the release of Card-Jitsu our trading card game both on-line and off-line. In this game players would challenge each other in a game based on rock, paper, scissors with a few tweaks in an effort to become a ninja on the site. This game became hugely successful almost turning Club Penguin into Club Ninja. It was cool as I had a small part in this game but more was to come when I was tasked at expanding the Ninja experience.

So for the last almost a year with a small team and then later a much larger one when all is told we pitched many ideas and finally rested on what is now the Fire game and expanded Ninja experience. We took the basic symbols we had and expanded on it creating the fire game. Using similar elements of the Card-Jitsu game to make it familiar and then using a board game element we have what is now the Fire game. Basically once a player has "leveled up" and become a Ninja they now must continue along their journey and master the element of fire! Only now they can challenge up to 4 players (believe me the was a challenge) and earn items to complete a full Fire ninja suit to become a fire ninja. The images below will give you a taste of the experience.

Click for full size! Click for full size!

So far to date this game release has been crazy successful with much relief. Their was much blood, sweat and tears on this (literally) and I think it paid off. The cool thing is being part of it and the largest project I have worked on to date aside from the CP DS game but that was really a small part. The biggest thing is though that their was a huge team on this one to get it all done and who all put in crazy amounts of work. Thanks to all of you!!! You guys truly rock and deserve much much credit. Above all i would really like to thank Russ who put in many many hours on this and was put on the hot spot to deliver and he did in spades!! You are an inspiration man! 

I will leave it at that for now as this post is getting long and I must get onto the next project as it's deadline is looming…

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