Nov 16

4 Years and counting

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Here we are and it has been 4 years and counting on this of late sadly neglected blog. Of course I can come up with a thousand reasons (excuses) as to why this blog hasn’t been updated in awhile but i will spare you all for now. Let’s just say the last few months have been very ummm…. crazy and busy and tiring.

The latest has is that for that last 3 weeks and a bit we have all been sick at one time or the other. The Doctor thinks it was the big H1N1 and well i can believe that. Naomi in the end ended up with phenomena and I held off till that this last week to get sick myself.

Now with all being sick in the past and new fronts on the horizon (hmm i think that is redundant). We are looking forward to getting this blog rolling again. First with new pictures and updates of the last few months (lots happened) and new things. Please bear with us till then and thanks for your support.

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  1. Elke says...
    November 17th, 2009 @ 3:52 pm

    Welcome back, missed your blog updates and glad to see your back. Hopefully you’re all on the mend. Hugs to all 🙂

  2. Troy says...
    November 30th, 2009 @ 10:43 pm

    Yes we are back well… slowly one small step at a time.

    We are all fully recovered and well now and hopefully nothing more comes our way especially with the holiday season on us and I actually have some time off. Hmm can it really be time off when home with the kids??

    Anyways more to come…

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