Dec 04

Getting ready for Christmas

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Well we're starting to feel in the Christmas spirit around here.  Last weekend we decorated our tree and hung our stockings – we even have an extra set of stockings for the wood stove downstairs.  Tristan enjoyed helping Troy set up the trains around the tree, but seeing as it was the 3rd tree he helped decorate this year, he was a little bored.  Rhys just stared at the tree.  It's a good thing he's not crawling yet or I don't think we'd be able to have a tree the way he grabs at everything.  Last week I did a bunch of Christmas baking with the help of Troy's mom and Grandmas.  It was good to do but exhausting with the kids as well.

Life is good around here.  As Rhys is sitting and playing with toys now, he and Tristan are able to relate a bit better.  All the sudden Tristan wants to play with Rhys – I can tell he thinks of him more as a brother now than as a baby.  Although he does tell me all the time "Rhys baby Tin Tin big boy".  I am starting to see how it will get easier as the boys get older.  They will be able to keep each other occupied instead of both needing my constant attention.

We've been pretty busy – I try to get Tristan out of the house most days to play groups or swimming or whatever will get his energy out.  Troy's been working pretty insane hours, so some weeks we don't see him much, but he really works hard to spend dinner with us and an hour or so afterwards.  Then he works once the kids are in bed.  

This year we're going to Edmonton for Christmas.  We are flying out Christmas day, which means we are able to spend Christmas Eve with Troy's parents before going out Christmas Day to do Christmas in Edmonton with my family.  We are looking forward to staying with Daralynn and Sheldon in their new house and spending time with my whole immediate family.  Troy is flying back to Kelowna a few days after Christmas and I am staying for a couple weeks to help Dar and Sheldon with Annika and the arrival of their new baby coming early January.

Here are some pics of our boys – we know that's the whole reason some of you check our blog!



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  1. Elke says...
    December 5th, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

    Pictures are always great and appreciated, sounds like a very busy Mack house. Enjoy your Christmas break-hopefully somewhat relaxing.

  2. Monique says...
    December 11th, 2008 @ 7:23 pm

    Hi Naomi,
    I realized I haven’t been onto your guys’ site in a loooong time! I’m all caught up now! Hahaha! We really need to get together more often once things settle down after the holidays and you’re back! It was so great seeing you yesterday and can’t wait to see you at the Christmas party! Hope you guys have a good weekend and don’t let Troy work! The penguins can wait, they aren’t going anywhere! (their little legs are too damn short) ­čśŤ Talk to you soon! xoxoxo

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