Nov 23

Long Awaited Post

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Wow i just noticed that it has almost been a month since we have posted anything on this site. Well then it more than due time we put something here then. So here it is.

Needless to say the past month has been absolutley nuts for me. Between product launches, a new language launch of the website, a new game, a new adventure quest, and many other crazy things at work. Work has pretty much been consuming me lately with crazy long days and working on most of my weekends. Fortunately Naomi and the kids have been supportive and try to give them as much time as i can, but i deffintley can't keep this pace up as i am growing increasingly weary. 

One bonus though in all the work crazyness has been that i got to go a super cool trip to Texas. Why Texas you asked? Well i was invited to attend a round-table meeting of game designers from all over the world to discuss some of game design's toughest questions. I tell you it was a great honour and was an amazing experience even though most of the time i felt not that smart at all. Unfortunatley i cannot give many details as it is somewhat secretive. This much i can tell we where at a ranch facility on lake Buchanen just outside of Austin. It was beautiful and the facility was awesome my room was super nice and porch had an amazing view with a cute little rocking chair that was nice to sit in a just relax. I didn't get much time to explore but got an hour on one afternoon to enjoy the lake and sites and in evengings i spent jamming along with some of the other attendees with the instruments on site. And if that wasn't all totally cool, my boss was invited as well so i got to tag along with him in a private jet, that was just uber cool. All i can say i hope i can go next year!

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Ok so one crazy part of this trip i took as discovering that i had lost my passport way back in July. I had lost it at the airport in kelowna on my last flight and the airport had found it and sent it off to passport office where it gets promptly distroyed. Yes i know nice eh? Unfortunately they never contact you to let you know so when i went to get my passport out luckly a week earlier than the trip i couldn't find it. Anyways long story short we had to make a blitz trip to Surrey to get new one, and yep i got a brand new one in one day although it cost a little bit more. One highlight of it all was we got to see our friends Alex and Hannah in Abby whom we havn't seen in a little over a year. 

Hmmm let's see what else? Well it has been a crazy month of colds with the boys in this house they just seem to be getting one after the other here. I guess it is that time of year. Rhys is growing like crazy though and just this week learned to sit up by himself and boy does he love it! He does fall over from time to time and get super angry but soon i am sure he will be onto crawling. Tristan on the other hand just talks all day long, most of it we can understand and the rest well we just look at him dumb founded. Other than that everyone is doing well and happy, i just need to work less…

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  1. Debbie & Shane says...
    November 26th, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    Wow you are living the high life, private jet trips and all! Hope you find a way to slow the pace soon. Missed you in October but sure enjoyed visiting Naomi and seeing your engaging little boys! By the way we are in Kelowna at 11:10am on 12/24… hope it works out to see you guys quick before you take off!

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