Oct 08

Happy Birthday Naomi!

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife who on the 6th turned 29. Yep that is right one more year before the big 3-oh! We ahve pretty much been celebrating for a few days now with a party at our house sat, a dinner at her parent's on monday and a dinner at my today. MMM lots of food and cake and pie!! I guess i will have to start planning for next year's big party.

Aside from Naomi's birthday we have been attending other birthday parties for kids and well Tristan is still getting presents almost a month after his b-day. He sure is one spoiled kid, i think he know it too. 

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Other than that lately we have been well more like me has been buried in work but making sure to play with the fam on the weekends, especially with the weather taking a cold turn. We have managed to get out to the local parks lots and let Tristan run around and i have to say that the kettle valley park is pretty cool you can just for yourself just by the picture of the slides.

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On another note we have just not been able to fill Rhys up lately so he has started solid food earlier than Tristan did. So far he has taken to it very readily and really enjoys it, but still hasn't figured out how to eat and chew on his fingers at the same time. As always he is being his cute smiley self and loves to watch and giggle as Tristan runs around.

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  1. ben says...
    October 13th, 2008 @ 3:03 pm

    Happy Birthday Naomi 29 hope you had a wonderful time.
    Love Ben and Sandi.

  2. JenA says...
    October 15th, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

    Happy Birthday Naomi,
    Hope you had a great one. You keep holding on to the 29 as long as you can. I still consider myself 29…. with a couple of years of experience!!
    All the best to you and the family,

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