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Happy 2008!!

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Happy New Year everyone!! Wow 2007 just flew by didn't it?

We hope you all had a lot of fun on your new year's celebrations. We basically laid low as we had had too much going out and Tristan just really needed some home time as he has been displaced so much lately with the reno's and Christmas and all that. We had a great time the three of us and we cooked up some of our favourites to celebrate with–mmmmm yum bree has got to be the best cheese.

The new year is off to an interesting start. Starting things off just awesome was the waffles Naomi made in the morning to go with the strawberries i had found at the store. Gotta love it when you can eat waffles with fresh strawberries in the winter. Of course the eating just went on from there as we had a raclette dinner. Yep all we seemed to do this holiday was eat ourselves silly.

Today was a bit of a downer though as i rear ended a car on the way to work. The car was making a right turn in front of me so i looked left as it was my turn and in the mean time the car had decided not to go and bang! We are all ok as i was only going about idle speed but being cold the front of our van took a bit of a beating. So now we have to get it fixed luckly that is what insurance is for, but not a great start to the year.

Well this being the chinese new year of the rat and with rats on the minds from watching Ratouille and my new year's resolution of trying to draw way more(getting really rusty from not drawing). I bring you my first drawing of the year. Hopefully i will get some time to colour it up(hoping to try some different things out).

Click for full size!!

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  1. Elke says...
    January 3rd, 2008 @ 10:30 am

    HAPPY 2008 to all of you too and may it be a healthy and prosperous year. We’re still waiting to see the hard work you put into your kitchen reno. Looking forward to some pics.

  2. Troy says...
    January 3rd, 2008 @ 10:58 am

    Thanks Elke and to you too. The Kitchen reno pics and post are the very next one I will do.

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