May 31

2014 Project #3: The Front Yard Garden

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Now that this is finally finished and growing time to post what I have been up to. This is probably this biggest change to the front yard so far but I really want to make better use of the space and turn it from this.

To this.

I started dreaming about this over a year ago when my garden in the backyard is just too narrow and gets too much shade to really be workable. I had seen a few images here and there of people turning their front yards into garden and figured this is what we are going to do. I took a week off work to get the bulk of the work done back at the beginning of April. Started with building the garden boxes as I am going to the square foot gardening method. Had to remove the grass and put weed barrier down this was a task in of itself.


Next up came the post for the fence. With all the deer around here we needed to put a fence in to keep them from the “salad bar”. This to me is the un-fortunate part of the project as I would rather no fence but, was determined to make it as good looking as I could. That said everything is cedar and stained the same as the house to blend in as best as possible. ┬á22 posts later a sore back later they were all in.

Next was the rails and the wire mesh to finish the fence. At this same time I put all the soil in the boxes and finished them off. The soil is all custom made from Mel’s mix formula of a third each of vermiculite, peet moss, and compost. As this was nearing the end of April I planted the first few boxes with the cold weather veggies (cabbage, brocoli, peas, spinach, lettuce etc.).

Also managed to use our old screen doors that said in storage after our reno last year. They work just perfect for garden gates.

This rest is just all planting the veggies. It is amazing how many you can fit into square foot garden boxes.

Over the up coming weeks and months we will be sure to keep post on the garden progress and the bounty we take in.


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