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Apr 07

2014 Project #2: The Stairs

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So I just finished this up this weekend after a few weeks of picking away at it. Our old stair case was looking dated and after 30 years and cats there was just no restoring the railing. Have to say I am super happy with the results and it really wouldn’t have been possible if not for Gerry. Gerry is this retiree that builds rises and treads for super cheap so I had him make me up some. The most frustrating part of the job having to do drywall on the edges of the stairs along the walls, boy do I hate taping and mudding.

Below you can see the gallery of the progress. There is still some minor touch ups and finishing but the bulk of the work is done allowing me to move onto other things.

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Apr 06

2014 Project #1

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Okay we are way into 2014 but i need to update on the first project then post on the more recent. This first one for the year is the entry lockers for the garage. As a family with school kids the backdoor gets crazy cluttered and messy. Being that mess drives me crazy and that I love the idea of entry lockers i decided to build some for the garage as our back entrance is rather small. I have been inspired by these for some time and really wanted to build a set.

First came the selection and purchase of all the wood.

Next was to stain all the wood. I really wanted a black wash on these as it will eventually match the colours in my garage once I get around to painting and finishing it off.

I discovered the use of pocket screws and bought this awesome jig. Makes building furniture like this soo much easier and really helped in my next project. If you ever need to do something similar let me know and you can borrow mine.

With everything pre-drilled it is onto assembly.

And final product. Was very pleased with the results. Now the real hard work is getting the family to use them and end the insanity!

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