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May 14

Fireplace Update 3 – Rock in Progress

Yesterday was a major milestone while at least I think. Finally got all the front of the fireplace rockwork done. It has been a super slow process as basically it is one giant puzzle that you can only do 4 square feet at a time on. Basically you have to dry fit all pieces together and finding the right piece can be tough. Then once it all looks good you take it all down remembering carefully where each piece went. Believe me that last one is super important as I have messed that up too many times. After this mix the morter and slap them back up. The whole process takes about 2 hours or so.

It feels good to be this far done and starting to see the end. The last few weeks have been frustrating a bit as things have been delayed due to being sick and numerous other family obligations but with this week off to concentrate on the house renos things should get moving again.

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May 06

House Reno 2013 Update 4

Category: Journal

Lots of crazy awesome progress and work this week. The week started with all the insulation going in both regular and spray for the garage. The floor of our new room is rock solid with the spray foam underneath no chance of squeaks or creaking. The bath tub has also been ripped out of the main bath leaving Naomi with no bath which is going to be tough with her love of baths for the next little bit. The rest of the week ended with some siding going up and the drywall all being hung.

Unfortunately our contractor has had a burst appendix and is now in the hospital. Fortunately he is okay but this will possibly put a delay in the work and not allow him to personally finish up the work. That being said the taping and mudding should go ahead this week leaving me with the painting and beginning the finishing work next week on my time off.

Naomi and the boys are staying at Papa and Nana’s this week to avoid the dust. This leaves me with an empty house but lots of time to get some things done in the yard. However at the moment I have come down with some sort of cold mixed in with allergies which has made it difficult to get anything done. I tell you there is always something to get in the way.

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