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Nov 16

7 Years!!

Category: Journal

Happy 7 years to the Mackhouse blog!!!

Yep it has been 7 years and I am not even sure if anyone is following anymore. Something we need to fix so stay tuned things will get better and we will be back on top of this.

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Nov 11

Cabinet Hardware Assembly

Category: Journal,Mini Mame

The cabinet is completely painted and is looking really good. I do as I had mentioned earlier wished I had used bondo instead of wood filler but oh well things still look good and really it is only me that notices. Unfortunately I learned the best way to get a nice glossy look on a cabinet on this is to paint it all flat black which ensures a nice even surface then give it up to 5 passes with clear coat. Too bad I didnt know this before hand, funny how you discover these things after the fact.

I spent all Friday assembling the hardware etc. Was a great use of a day off. Had my fingers crossed a little when I powered it all up but Success!! Everything worked perfectly. Now it is onto configuring all the mame software, emulators and Maximus arcade which I am using for the frontend. Below is pictures of the progress. Looking forward to when I get all the art decals on the sides, control board and the marquee. Anyone out there want to donate their time and do some artwork for me?

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Nov 04

Painting The Cab In Progress

Category: Journal,Mini Mame

Just another quick update on the Cabinet progress. I have been spending the last week applying the primer coat making sure it is all nice and even. Then it was onto sanding the whole thing down to make it nice and smooth for the coat of paint. It has been a slow process as I wait for each coat to dry. I have to say now that I am so close to getting to putting all the hardware together I am getting impatient but excited.

Below you will see the rear door and control panel primed and sanded and the main cabinet with it’s first coat of paint.

Next steps:

  • finish┬ápainting
  • wet sand everything to get it super glossy and smooth
  • install all buttons
  • install the door
  • mount the Mother Board
  • mount the HDD
  • connect everything
  • hold breath


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