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Feb 14

Back to the Arcade

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It is close to a year that I last abandoned the project and now it is time to get back on it. Having been fret with hardware issues I lost drive on the project especially when the weather started turning for the good and yard work was calling.

This weekend I got back at it and decided to tackle the cabinet itself as this might help in deciding on some of my hardware replacement choices and a few last hardware pieces. I did some research on some cabinets and found some of the aspects I like about some of the best ones and wanted to mix in a few details of the classic tabletop Coleco games I played so much as a kid.

After spending a few hours playing around with a couple of drawings I cut out all the pieces and built this cardboard prototype. I am really happy with the result but might increase the height about an inch to allow for some more room for the buttons and joystick.

Next is playing with the button/joystick configuration.

Cabinet Prototype

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Feb 08

Watoto 2011

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Looks like we got extremely lucky and the past few days we have gotten to spend time with our sponsor child from Watoto. It is amazing that this is the second time that we have been able to do this last year it was Felix and this year Ivan. Ivan, Marvin and their “Uncle” David stayed with us Sunday and Monday before they had to leave to continue their Choir tour in Calgary. The boys all had a great time together playing, goofing off and dancing. It was so awesome that Tristan and Rhys got to meet their “brothers” from Africa.

If you are interested in sponsoring ones of these kids i highly recommend Watoto. It is a great organization with great success and a very good way of caring for these kids in a way that sets them on a path to be the future leaders of Africa and hopefully our world.

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