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Nov 27


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It is finally time I get around to posting about the summer and into fall long project that I have been working on. Since we have moved into this house we have done lots of things to the yard but the one thing that has always bugged me the most has been this one corner in the backyard that I can see from the kitchen window. This corner has basically been a weed haven and was just slightly to steep and dry for grass. I have always wanted to have a waterfall and pond but with the boys ponds are just not the way to go. However, a pondless waterfall or disappearing waterfall started to intrigue me. So one Saturday afternoon in June I just up and started digging away.

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Nov 04

October Fun and Halloween

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October seemed to wiz by and now it is all over and done with, possibly has it was full of birthdays, thanksgiving, pumpkins, last minute yard work and Halloween. All lots of fun but kept us busy just the same. 

First I have to say that Rhys the 2 year old that he is, just likes to have as little clothing on as possible. Being that it was only 15 degrees out just didn't seem to phase him and he was a happy as can be.


Just like past years we had to visit the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins for pie, this year with Lyric and Aria as well. Rhys just loved the pig and took forever in finding a "Rhysy" sized pumpkin (trust me this took a long time from and nice size pumpkin down to what he is carrying in the picture. All in all it was a fun day that left the boys coming home with corn kernels in their shoes and hay in their hair from the hay maze.

Finally ending the month is of course Halloween. Now being where we work it does get a little crazy with the costumes and you don't come to work not dressed up. This year trying hard to not be out done I went as the Mad Hatter and Naomi as Alice, however I had to compete with Gumby, a giant banana, jellyfish, killer robots and Master Chief himself. The funniest thing was us all walking across the new pedestrian bridge over the highway next to the office which happen to be the grand opening that day (thinking it will be a yearly event now). The most fun being taking the boys trick or treating and boy did they ever get into it with a huge haul of candy. It took the boys I think close to an hour to sort their candy and the best being scaring daddy with the chocolate eye balls.

Now onto November…

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