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Apr 26

Yard Work!

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What an awesome time of year! It's so exciting to start planting the flowers and the garden – much more fun this year that both the boys are into it.  In fact, Rhys actually cries after being outside for 3 hours when we want him to go inside.  We've just started letting him eat outside all the time… less mess to clean up that way!

We planted tons of flowers, both in the front yard and back.  We are really looking forward to spending lots of time in the backyard this year – although it seems campfire season in the Okanagan is already over.  Good thing we got lots of campfires in in February.  We are hoping to have a few barbecues over the summer, and really enjoy having a placy for the kids to play in the backyard.  Also, it's good for them to see where their food comes from – tomatoes come from a vine, not just the grocery store!  Here's a few pics of the boys helping us out, and one of Rhys  being cute with his "I push the button" (doorbell) at Papa and Nana's house.

Now my only worry is having to get up early all summer to water all the flowers!  Oh well, it's worth it.  We just love being in the yard so much!

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Apr 14

End of Sailing Excursion

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We are back and rested… well not physically but at least had a nice break from the regular hectic pace of life around here. Our trip was amazing to say the least and an awesome experience. It would be very difficult to recount the entire trip here in one post so I will give just the highlights and explain some of the pics. I did try and keep a journal which I was going to re-type here for you all but with the long sailing days and time we spent studying there was no time for anything else (only had time for one journal entry). There are a ton of pictures here so we hope you enjoy.

The whole trip started with of course the drive out to Vancouver which had us a little worried about the weather we would encounter as the car got knocked around from the high winds and both Stanley Park and Lion Gate Bridge were closed on the same account. That night we stayed at the Best West at the foot of Granville Bridge and had an awesome meal at the Sanafir which we really highly recommend.

Saturday was our first day out and getting familiar with the boat and all her parts. The boat we were on for the week was Alony-se a 37' Bentenau, very nice boat. We spent a lot of time in false creek with different maneuvers before we headed out into English Bay after a lunch at the Granville market (what a really awesome market). It was a nice comfortable sail as we got used to the boat and the view of the city from the water is just awesome. That night was our first night sleeping aboard the boat which left us a little tired since we weren't used to it.

The next day we all attempted our docking procedures which was a little nervous with all the people watching from the market. After this we headed out into English Bay again but with really high winds that were a little much for us cutting our sail a little short. That night Naomi and I had a nice stroll down False Creek a bit a ate at a wonderful little restaurant run by a Russian couple called Brana's with some live Spanish music. Nobody wanted us to leave the restaurant but we need sleep and to continue studying (there is a ton to learn for sailing!!).

The next morning we got the boat ready for our cruise with food, water, and new dinghy (there is a long story with that one). Then we made sail across the strait to the gulf islands to anchor in Clam Bay. We were lucky in that the winds where good enough to sail across and we where joined by dolphins (very hard to get a picture of).

The morning we woke up in Clam bay was so calm and peaceful surrounded by jellyfish and a hearty breakfast of Red River. The winds were very strong this day as we sailed around salt spring to Ganges for a quick stop and lunch then it was off to Montegeau Bay where we moored for the night.


We woke up this morning to very high winds and made sail back to Ganges for the day. This passage was a little nervous for us as we where in high winds and heeled the boat over at 35 degrees at times facing 3-4 foot waves. Not something all of us except for our skipper where used to. Once we got into Ganges we ate lunch and stayed for the remainder of the day. This was great as we got some good time in for studying further for our next test and got to see our friends Alex and Hannah and their little one Niko.

We left Ganges the next morning and headed back to Clam Bay mainly because of the winds. This day was the day that Naomi and I had to Skip and Navigate the boat which went fairly well considering it was out first time doing so. There was some tense moments especially when the Dinghy broke loose and we had to retrieve it under sail while I was skipping. Let's just say that it took waaaayyyy to long. We made it back to Clam Bay in fairly good time and managed the high winds well as now we had more experience under our belt. That night's BBQ salmon was well deserved. 

Finally we came to the last day of our sail and headed back to Vancouver. There was basically no wind so we motored back across the straight but were joined by porpoises and dolphins along the way. Once we got in it was time to demonstrate that we could all do a man overboard figure eight maneuver (not easy to say the least) and to our final test. With all this behind us Naomi and I headed to our hotel for a much deserved shower/bath and Italian dinner.

We spent our final day in Vancouver with a morning breakfast at the Boathouse and a walk into Stanley Park. Then it was onto the Tattoo Parlor to get my wedding ring Tattoo (ouch!!) which I have been wanting since I broke my ring a few years back. Then it was onto shopping and dinner at Rodney's Oyster Bar.

It was an awesome trip with lot of memories, nervous moments and a swirling head of knowledge. We are still recovering from it and still have sea legs which don't seem to go away. We missed the boys and it was good to see them again. Although I don't think we will leave them for that long again, they missed us just too much.

That is all for now there is soo much more to tell but we can leave that for later and many stories in the future.

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Apr 02

Crazy Holiday

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So here we are heading out on our first holiday in 2 years and a crazy one at that!! We are heading to Vancouver to go sailing through the southern gulf islands. Yep this will not be the typical mexican holiday but something much wetter and colder but working more to our dream. 

As some of you know I love sailing and have dreamed of sailing the world and various other places, even retiring to a sail boat and living off of that. Well time to start acting and stop dreaming. So for this holiday we are taking a cruise and learn course through the Vancouver Sailing Club for 7 days to get our ASA 101, 103, & 104 certification. This will allow us to be able to charter a sail boat anywhere in the world for coastal sailing… very cool. 

I should be an interesting trip to say the least and hopefully not too wet. We will not have any access to the net so sorry there will not be any updates along the way. But, we will be taking as many pictures as we can and will post all about it when we get back in week. I plan on keeping a journal as we go so there should be some interesting tales to tell. 

Till then we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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