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Mar 29

Spring is Here!!

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Yay!! spring is here!! although i am not sure if we should get our hopes up too much. I was looking through this blog the other day and noticed that in the past 2 years it has snowed on the 2nd and 19th of April yikes.But we will enjoy the weather that we have for now and hope for better especially with our up coming holiday. 

As I have just mentioned it is spring here and we have been having our focus more and more on the outdoors. Rhys just asks to be outside all the time and doesn't seem to care when it starts to get cold. Sometimes he gets really cold when him Tristan decide to "water" the plants and both end up soaked through. I have to say that i am with them in being outside and have been working hard on the yard and garden with many as usual grand plans in mind. Slowly our yard is getting better year by year as i try new things and get on top of the jungle it was when we first moved in.

Other than that things have been pretty good. I have been working less insane hours at work and slowly carving back some lost time. Although i am not sure i will ever get back. I did get the opportunity to help Craig's dad out on the orchard and gather up the prunings for the cherry trees. Was funt o be working all day in the orchard especially when the weather was so nice and always good to give someone a hand. Later that evenging we were all hanging out and Craig just had to make fresh leomonade which of course he had to pretend that the lemons would scream as they were squeezed. The kids just loved this and giggled like crazy. 

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Aside from this all i really have to say is that when you give kids of a close age something that is cool be prepared for a fight. My father in law found this really cool excavator toy for the kids used and we finally kdecide to bring it home for the boys. I am not sure how cool i think it is now as they seem to always fight over it and Tristan just cries cause it is too heavy for him to peddle around the yard. Sigh… what are we to do . Oh yes and let us not forget about the bat mobile that with all the stickers on it we call the "love mobile".

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Mar 22

Mini Mame Cabinet Project

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So of all the geeky projects I could start and do I was inspired by a post on a mini mame cabinet here. I figured this would be a really fun project to do and allow me to play all my favourite classic arcade games that I loved as a kid. On top of all this I thought having a cabinet around like this would be a good way to introduce the kids to video games in a way that I was hopefully creating a greater appreciation for them instead of jumping them into the modern game scene.

For those of you who don't know I Mame stands for multiple arcade machine emulator. Basically once this is all set up I will be able to play all my favourite arcade games and some other consoles with little difficulty or have wasted some time doing something creative and burned a little money (shhh don't tell Naomi). 

After doing a lot of research I have decided on the guts of my cabinet being the following all ordered from NCIX which is my supplier of choice.

  • Kingston KTD-DM8400A/2G PC2-4200 2GB DDR2-533
  • PICOPSU-90
  • Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB 7200RPM 32MB Dual Proc 3.5IN SATA Hard Drive

Here is all the hardware before connecting it all up. So far I have it all connected and running windows XP so that I can run the front end Maximus Arcade which I have chosen to use. Next step will be moding the LCD panel I bought to go with all of this.

I have been talking about building an Arcade cabinet for some time now and tackling a mini cabinet seemed more reasonable and a better use of space. In the end Naomi has been completely supportable of this project and that is what counts most. I will keep you all posted as the progress continues.

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Mar 17

Lots of Campfires

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The weather is getting nicer and nicer here all the time and with that more time outside. The boys are just loving being outside as well as the dog and frankly myself as well even though it means yard work. Along with this has been as mentioned before we have been having campfires since the kids ask for them all the time, I think it is mostly because of the hot dogs and marshmallows.

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This month  has been very busy w ith birthdays as well. Let's see there was Naomi's friend Dara and her son Caspian on seperate weekends and then just this Monday Papa Ernie's. With this of course comes cake and more hot dogs (seriously this is all the boys seem to eat nowadays) and lots of fun for the boys. Rhys even in all this got to try a trampoline for the first time. 

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It being Papa's B-day uncle Dave and Camilla came into town and well that just meant one more campfire of course. 

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Like i said before the boys have been busy outside and very industrious. I am not always sure what they are up to besides making a mess but at least they are entertained. Just this weekend I brought home the excavator and Batmobile (aka Love mobile) that Papa found for the boys. They really love playing with them but it has resulted in many fights and Rhys isn't really big enough for them so he just ends up in the sandbox. With this all keeping us busy Dad and Rhys are left tired at the end of the day.

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Mar 08

Watoto billets

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Last weekend was very exciting for us as we got to meet one of our sponsor children through Watoto.  Felix was selected to be part of the Watoto children's choir that is traveling around Canada this year.  When we found out that one of the stops was Kelowna and we would be able to meet him, we were very excited and made sure we got involved.

We took the kids to a performance at Willow Park Church, and they loved it.  Afterwards, we took 3 boys and 1 adult home to stay at our house.  We had a great time with the kids – Rhys was asleep during the whole thing, but Tristan was quite the card.  He loved the boys so much and they loved him too.  It was awesome to just joke around with the boys and see them be kids.  Felix loved Leeloo, and played with her for about 2 hours strait.  The other 2 boys got a hold of our cameras and took so many pictures.  They knew how to use them better than me!  

It was a real blessing to spend time with all 3 of the kids – Bruce, Felix and Jacob while Uncle Gideon went out with some friends.  When they were by themselves, they joked and played a lot more.  They got a real kick out of Tristan, who was showing off a bit.  As we only had one night with them and Tristan was doing so well, we let him stay up until midnight with us all.  He did really well, and we all had so much fun together.

The next morning came too soon, we were sad to only have one short evening with them.  They will always be in our hearts though – reminds us what we have and what's really important in life.


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