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Jan 27

iPad Post Announcment…

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Following yesterday's post on the apple annoucement for today we are left with the iPad. Yes not the best choice in names for a device but let's get over that for a second at least it wasn't iSlate ugh. Anyways I will leave you with heading on over to the apple site to check out the specs on this tablet to see what it is all about. But to spare you I will say that it is basically a giant iTouch minus the camera.

My honest opinions on the device I most admit are that I am a little frustrated and dissapointed. Apple could have done better and I think they will receive a lot of criticism on this one. However, that being said someone had to be the first and they are now in the market with a very large consumer base that already knows how to use the device as said in the announcement a big bonus for them. 

Alright so here is the very basic skinny on the device. As stated before it is the iTouch only at 9.7 inches. They have improved some of the iPhone OS apps like e-mail, calendar, contacts in very favourable ways that I had longed for on the iPhone which is very good. Espcecially multiple calendars (work, personal etc.) although I didn't notice if they now allow for multiple contact lists or not. The album and photos seem really cool, iPod music is again a little more rich and of course watching movies on the larger screen is always good. Being able to access all the iPhone apps is a huge bonus so it means we have instant access to thousands of great apps and most of which i am sure will be adapted shortly for the iPad screen resolution. The iBooks is great as I think this will give the amazon kindle real comptetion especially I would really like an e-reader. The fact that it has the option of 3G is good although I don't understand the $130 upgrade for that, surely 3G antennas don't cost that much!! 

So now is where I really get into the negatives and frustrations with the device. First off there is nothing truely innovative about the interface or this device in general. Especially after all the hype and they way they were handling their annoucement. The lack of camera is a major blow as even the iPod Nano now has that and I would have really like to be able to use this as a phone as well ( I know holding it to your head would be weird but that is what the built in mic, bluetooth and headphone jack is for). Those 2 things would have kept this device at least somewhat cool in bridging the gap between smartphone and laptop as they so proudly where proclaiming. The next issue to the device is being tied to only the built in SSD at a max of 64GB it would have been very good if there was a usb port to at least use an external drive to make file transfers of all kinds quick and easy, plus all the other things you can do with usb.

This post has gone on long enough most likely because I was very passionate about a device like this and it's potential and then being let down. With all this being said this is the first gen of this product and I am very sure apple is holding back on some of the future features that are sorely needed (camera, phone, tactile touch, harddrive expansion etc.). This will hopefully be fueled by good competition and the hope that the iPhone when initially released was little more than a phone that could surf the web and view e-mail. I do think this device has massive gaming potential that will come about in the next year that will be very exciting (more on that later). 

At the end of the day the question does come down to will I buy this or not. Since I am still morning the loss of my iPhone I am leaning toward yes however missing the camera and phone capabilities makes me want to wait for the second gen version see what is in store. The iPhone was great for the kids and this would be even better at the larger screen plus there was a lot of apps that used that would come in handy and comparing this to a e-reader like the kindle in price it is well worth it even comparing the price to an iPhone it isn't that bad. Time will tell and I will let you all know but for the mean time I have 3 months to decide.

If any of you out there have an opinion on this device I would love to here it… 

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Jan 26

Dreams of a Tablet

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Well tomorrow is the anticipated event of Apple unvieling a new product of some kind and of course all the rumours have been a tablet. I have been think and wanting just this for some time now ever since having an iPhone and especially not having it now due to my change in position. The tablet if it can live up to what I would like it to be can be an amazing productivy tool and media centre. The following is what I would like to see in a new tablet and after tomorrow's event we shall see if Apple can deliver on this.


  • 10 inch LCD this is a given but it would be really cool if it could feature and OLED screen less power drain and brighter but would make it costly
  • As far as processor well this I am not to sure about but something closer to a macBook than a netbook in power would be great
  • Of couse this will likely be a solid state drive to aid in protablitly and weigh concerns so we are stuck with a likely max of 16GB here
  • With the small harddrive it would be great to see a card reader to help expand the storage space
  • Bluetooth of course for a connecting to all sorts of devices
  • Wireless is a given
  • 3G so I have connectivity everwhere
  • Compass and GPS
  • Camera would be nice to see 2 for conferencing and being able to take pictures as well but that might be asking for much
  • Stylus for note taking and drawing
  • USB port
  • Micro display port
  • Accelerometer
  • Tactile touch
  • multi-finger recognition
  • e-ink display(would be amazing to see both displays in one but not likely a reality at this point)


  • A way of taking notes I am really looking for something that can replace my notepad at work which I carry faithfully with me everywhere.
  • Easy white board tasks lists and todo lists
  • Be able to use all my iPhone apps
  • A powerfull drawing program something akin to ArtRage however this is more of a 3rd Party app
  • E-mail
  • Web browser
  • Phone (could use a bluetooth headset or the iPhone ear buds)
  • Contacts lists (multiple)
  • Albums
  • Gaming abilities
  • A very unique and intuive interface that feels like an extension of myself rather than just a gizmo
  • Face regonition (would be amzing to set the tablet up for multiple users)
  • eReader
  • one handed text input I think would be a must. Need to be able to hold it with one hand and type with the other.

All in as I stated before I would love to see something that is a really strong productivy tool that I would carry with me everywhere. We will see how Apple delivers on some of these things. Of course they are really just going to provide great hardware and much of this will come down to the apps that are developed for it. My hopes are that they can deliver something similar/better than the concept microsoft courier.

Fingers crossed.

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Jan 23

Gum Grafts

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The last week has been a long and hard week. Last Friday I went into the periodontist to have gum grafts done for my receding gums. Long story short they take tissue from the roof of your mouth and then graft it onto your gum in my case in 3 locations on each side. 

The procedure itself wasn't too bad mostly due to the local freezing but the recovery well… that has been something else. I have had protective piece of plastic on the roof of my mouth glued in and then they have put this strange putty like dressing over top of the gum areas. My food has consisted of mainly liquid and mush with the small attempt here and there to chew something soft (with fail). Eating much has been not easy as all I crave now is pizza and steak and anything crunchy and chewy and to just plain enjoy what i am eating instead of just swallowing it. The pain most of the week has been pretty significant especially when I had to talk but Friday was the worst. I woke up with a crazy amount of pain more than all week so I went into the doctor to check in on it. Boy was I glad I did!! Apparently there was a small piece of the stitching that was digging into my mouth and had cause an ulcer. As soon as they cut the stitch back it was like instant relief. 

There is one small good thing about only eating much and that is that it can come in the form of Jell-O!!! One of my favs has always been my mom's Jell-O salad so we have been making that this week and of course Tristan loves to help dad make Jell-O for the "owies in his mouth". I think he really just likes to lick the beaters.

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