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Aug 07

Enjoying the summer

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It has been a long time since I've written a post – it's a lot harder to do stuff like this between the kids and working full time.  By the time the kids are in bed I'm usually exhausted!    Since I've written last, Tristan started wearing glasses and Rhys started walking.  Well, Rhys just recently started walking – it's quite funny really.  He doesn't pick his feet up off the ground very high so it's a little awkward still.  And he falls a lot.  Give him a month and I'm sure he'll be golden!

Troy and I took some time off over the long weekend.  Daralynn and Sheldon were here with their kids so we got to spend time on the water with them.  We have been really blessed with hot weather (a little too blessed, judgeing by the fires) and have been outside on the water a lot. Both our boys have been celebrating a lot of firsts lately.  Rhys has had his first steps, his first words, his first time enjoying ice cream and corn on the cob.  Tristan has had his first pair of glasses, his first sailing trip, his first ride on a sea-doo, and his first wasp bite.

We have been trying really hard to spend quality time with the kids – taking them to playgrounds and including them in gardening when we're not at work.  As you can see by the pictures, we have been spending a lot of time on the water – the best part of summer!  Well I know all you really care about is the pictures, so here they are!

First Day with Glasses / Gotta love Costco Samples!

Corn on the cob – our favorite!

Just one more story Dad? / Picnic in the Park

New Water Boat Rhys / Shelby likes the water too!

Into Everything! / Tristan's first Sea-Doo ride

Grandma and the Girls / Tristan and Annika boating

Sailing with my Dad / Look! I caught a fish for you!

Look Mom!  I'm cool like you!


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Aug 06

More Summer Fun

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Another week of summer has past although a much more cooler one. We some crazy excitement with the insane rain storm at the end of the week. This was very welcome though as he insane hot and dry weather does become tiresome at times. Maybe my lawn will get green again. Of course in typical Mack fashion we had our roof redone this week and wouldn't you know it weren't quite finished when the rain came. We faired well and now have a new roof and lighter pockets.

Today is our family day with an excursion to the park after a great eventing spent the night before with the Beckers. The evenging went really well with the kids behaving and playing fairly well and bedtime going really smooth. The evenging was even relaxing an he mackhouse burgers were especially good.

We are now on our way to the mall for some shopping as I write this in the car. I had originally started to write this in he park will Tristan played with Naomi and Rhys slept in the stroller. The rain however came and I lost the post into he infinite world of ones and zeros. Oh well it has been a great day so far with a good sleep in had by all (very rare) And waffles and peaches for breakfast. The mall is coming up the street so it is time to go.

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