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Feb 26

Sauna & all things quiet

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Things have been very quiet here on the mackhouse blog but certainly not really all the quiet in the mackhouse. The past many weeks have been a long haul for us here dealing with sick kids and nursing ourselves to health as well. I think i have probably had about 5 colds so far this year YAY!! Right now all of us have been down for the count there are many snoty noses and aches and pains and way too much crying. Hopefully thing will turn around soon. 

I have not had much access to my computer of late as we have been trying to get Rhys to sleep better on his own and get the boys in one room. So thing means for the time being that Rhys has taken over my office as his new room. With his cold now though his back in our room as we nurse him back to health so i have my computer back for the time being, but i have been working out some better solutions and putting my macbook to good use (boy do i ever love macs). If i can convince Naomi maybe i can put together a really simple server solution in our house and fullfill alot of my geekdom dreams, but i will digress. 

AS most of have been wondering this is what our new sauna looks like and we have both been enjoying it alot. It has been a really nice relaxing escape. If anyone of you is interesting in purchasing one of these i highly recommend sunlight saunas as i did some extensive research and they are definitly the tops and well worth the coin. 

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Feb 25

Wear Pink Day

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Today if many of you don’t know was Pink Shirt Day. In a effort to help eliminate bullying and bring awareness to this problem in our schools and else where everyone is encouraged to wear some pink on this day. For more info on how this day got start you can check it out here. Pink Shirt Day

Well unfortunately I don’t really have anything pink to wear (hmm imagine that!) and when I asked Naomi if she might have anything pink surprisingly this girl doesn’t have anything pink. So with some thought I wondered what it would be like to not wear pink on this day and see the reaction. My little experiment was very interesting as immediately people would comment on the fact that I wasn’t wearing any pink and where is your pink? You should be wearing pink etc. Interestingly enough one of my co-workers was actually lightly harassed at a coffee shop for not wearing pink that they might not serve her unless she was.

So in the end my little experiment was interesting that on a day that is supposed to raise awareness of bullying it has cause a small amount of bullying. Of course there are always people that take it too far and in the end it is a good idea and is having a positive effect on our world.

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