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Mar 28

Caption Friday #28

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Have Fun with this one!!


Winner: Craig
"After some consideration Darth passed on the first generation of clones and opted for the white shiny dudes in plastic suits instead. The Elmo clones weren’t able to see over the dashboard of the Imperial AT-AT Walkers and kept racking up insurance claims."

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Mar 25

Easter Long

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Happy Easter everyone!! we hope you all a good one and got to rest this long weekend. We of course like every weekend tried to get some rest, Naomi gets lots of rest but it never seems to be enough for the pregnant girl. In the end it was a really great weekend, cept for the start where Tristan and I spent 4 hours at costco getting tires 3 of which was after he had puked. Oh yes there was the attempt at having a nice dinner at Moxies and Tristan puking while waiting for a table, sigh the joys of being a parent. Puking aside it was a great weekend after that!

Tristan himself had a great weekend with all the time spent playing outside and at the park. He just loves being outside even if it Dad puts him to work picking up pinecones.  In fact Tristan loves the outdoors so much that when he is not out there he is usually grumpy or crying at the door to go out even if he naked, he hasn't caught on yet that certain body parts don't do well in the cold. Crazy enough though the little guy managed to figure out how to climb up the slide, it is really funny to watch such a litte kid climb so well.Tristan also discovered how much fun it is to have an easter egg hunt. We managed to buy some plastic eggs and hide them around the house, he had a blast finding them all and is now very proud of his basket of eggs and carries them around everywhere.

Click for larger size!  Click for larger size!  Click for larger size!  Click for larger size!

Well with the weekend over and having left you all hanging with my comment on the caption contest about something exciting we have some great news (well hopefully it is great). We have been looking around for a second vehicle (naomi wants her freedom while on mat leave), but kind of wanted something a little fun. This weekend we had found something fun and after much thought decided to this really cool little SUV. Today we finally completed the transaction and now have a 91 Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4 sitting in our drive way. It's a Japanese Import so it is right hand drive (one of the fun things) which will take a little to get used to but it should be a great vehicle. Anyways here is a pic. 

Click for larger size!

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Mar 21

Caption Friday#27

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Sorry guys this one is a little late it's been a long day especially with spending 4 hours at Costco getting new tires. However it was a very good day and if things go well tomorrow it could be exciting. Anyways here is this weeks Caption image.

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Mar 19


Category: Art,Journal

Here we are at another mid-week well.. sort of as this is a short week with easter long coming up. We are both looking forward to the long Naomi so she can relax and rest and me so I can get some work done. Naomi has been having a hard go lately with the pregnancy making her really tired and doing a real number on her already sore back. Hopefully she can make it till the end of April when she starts her maturnity leave. As for me I have been just trying to keep up to taking care of her the house and of course the peanut who can make a mess faster then i can clean. Somehow i have managed to squeeze in a few sketches in my book. I will leave you with a few from a style i am experimenting with.Not the greatest drawings as i am really rusty.

Click for full size!!

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Mar 14

Caption Friday #26

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Another happy Friday.

Winner: Dad Mack

"Heh!Heh! Heh! I,ll show those kids with their NOS systems.
I,m gonna win the race this time!"

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Mar 07

Caption Friday #25

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Oops a little late today.

Winner: Ben

"Darth Vador's Twin brother, though didn’t get the Death Star still got his wings."

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Mar 02

Our Cruise

Category: Journal

We've been home for a few days now, and it took us a bit to get back into the swing of things.  I've outlined some of the highlights of our cruise and posted some of the pictures.  If you want to know more, I guess you're going to have to contact us and ask!  Enjoy!

The first few hours on the cruise we snaked down the Mississippi to the Golf of Mexico.  It was very interesting to go through New Orleans  – the area below sea level that was affected by the hurricane is huge.  These first 2 pictures were taken from the top of the ship as we left New Orleans – almost all the passengers were up top looking out this day. 


The first full day on the ship was completely at sea as we had to cross the Gulf of Mexico.  We spent the day exploring the ship – figuring out what it had to offer.  A few hours in the shade that afternoon made for a nasty sunburn – silly me, I figured if I stayed in the shade I didn't need sunscreen.  I guess with the reflection off the water and the white decks, the UV is still pretty intense. 

That evening was our formal night.  Troy took a few photos of me in the lobby.  The last picture is of chocolate mouse – Troy enjoyed some kind of mouse every evening.  One of the great pleasures of cruising is having a 5 course meal every evening.  Each course was presented beautifully – this is just one of the many examples.  We went to one of the shows on the ship that night – it was a broadway evening.  The singers and dancers were really good.  They featured songs from Mama Mia, Wicked and Hairspray among others.

Roatan, Honduras
Our first port was this beautiful island off the coast of Honduras.The town was really poor and not all that appropriate for tourists.  It was awkward seeing the difference between the ship and the people here.  Our big frustration with this port is that it had the most beautiful beach of all our ports, yet we only got about an hour there as we didn't get to the port until late in the day.  The taxi ride to and from the beach (only about 15 min) cost us $50US.  We felt really ripped off and taken advantage of as tourists.  I think if we had had a whole day there, it may have been our favorite port.

Santo Thomas de Castillo, Guatemala
Guatemala was by far the poorest port we went to.  When we got into the town, we discovered there was absolutely nothing thee so we got into a taxi and took one of the local boats to Livingston – about an hour and a half there.  Livingston is the major center on the ocean in the area.  However, upon arrival in Livingston we discovered that there was also nothing there.  We did enjoy the boat ride though – was very scenic along the beautiful coast of Guatemala.  

Thankfully that evening the ship made up for a not so great day at port.  We were ready to be pampered with a good fancy meal and a show.  This evening was our favorite show – it was songs from the radio and about an hour and a half of constant singing, dancing and costume changes as the performers depicted hit songs throughout the last 50 years.  After the show, we went up on deck and watched the lunar eclipse from the boat.  Something you don't get to experience very many times in life was really interesting to see out in the middle of the ocean.  How romantic. 


Belize City, Belize
By the time we got to Belize, we were ready to go snorkelling and have a good time doing something at the port.  We ended up getting on a tour boat off the shore for a 4 hour snorkel/beach excursion.  Well the day proved to be quite an adventure.  We were about 10 minuted out when the motor of the boat we were on quit.  We had to wait a good half an hour for the next boat to come out and get us.  By that time, the waves had picked up and we had to transfer from one boat to the next.  I may not be a sailor, but even I know that you need to tie the boats close together to avoid them from banging into eachother too much.  It was quite interesting when one of the ropes snapped and people were already getting quite annoyed.  We got about an hour plus of snorkelling in and another hour at a private island beach by the time to tour was said and done.

Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel was our favorite port.  We started the day off by taking a nice long walk along the ocean in the town.  When we got tired, we called over a taxi who took us to a beach.  It was pretty windy, so we weren't able to snorkel or spend too much time in the water, but it was a hot sunny day, and we spent a few hours reading and enjoying the area.  We were able to sit in the chairs in the shade all afternoon by having some lunch at the restaurant.  Cozumel being our last port, we went through the shops and bartered a little for a couple gifts.  We didn't get much as we spent most of our cash on taxis in the ports and New Orleans.  We didn't realize how expensive they would be, so we were counting our pennies most days just to make it through 4 days of ports.  The people in Cozumel were much easier to deal with than the other ports.  In the other ports if you said no, you got followed around and hassled for a long time – sometimes up to an hour or more by the kids.  In Cozumel, people respected that you said no and left it at that.  Troy enjoyed a $1 beer while I looked at kids clothes before we headed back to the ship.

That evening, the cruise put on the famous chocolate buffet.  The carvings were incredible – everything from Dragons to castles.  We mostly ate the mouse and the chocolate fondue – actually mostly just plain fruit from the fondue.  It was a bit overwhelming to look at all that chocolate.  I think most of what we put on our plates we only had one or 2 bites.  But it certainly was spectacular!

After Cozumel, we had another full day at sea to cross the Gulf of Mexico once more.  It was really nice to end the cruise this way – have a relaxing day at the end.  The sunset was beautiful that evening across the water.  

Back to New Orleans! We arrived in New Orleans at about 8 am.  You can see the downtown from the cruise terminal.  The french quarter is right behind the downtown area.  We got to our hotel around 11 that morning and enjoyed one last day in New Orleans.  We walked the streets for a bit, and spent the evening in a restaurant / pub called Pad O'Briens.  They are the original creators of the "Hurricane" – a passion fruit rum drink that everyone seems to have along Burbon St.  At Pad O'Briens, we had some of the most fun we've had in an evening out in a long time.  We went to a lounge area where they had 2 beautiful copper plated grand pianos.  4 women switched off playing for the evening and I have never seen pianos played like this before.  Any request they not only played better than you had heard before but sung as well.  It was impossible to stump them.  We also enjoyed Alligator at the restaurant there.  I don't think I'd encourage people to visit the dirty town of New Orleans for the sole purpose of seeing the city, but if you find yourself there, you should definitly spend some time at Pad O'Briens. 

So there it is!  Sorry it took us so long to get all our pics up on the blog – we didn't have internet access from the ship and by the time we got home it took us a few days to get back into the groove of work, get all our laundry and grocery shopping done, and spend some quality time with our little buddy who we missed SO MUCH! 

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