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Aug 27

Miss Saigon

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Friday night my wonderful husband took me to see Viva Musica's Miss Saigon.  It was a really great show!  I don't know how the actress who played Kim was able to sing so many songs in a row for so long.  She did a great job.  I knew the story was sad, but my goodness.  How depressing can things get!  A true tragedy.  

Troy and I both thought the music was great, but that at some points it got a little bit awkward putting the lyrics to music.  I prefer it when musicals are like Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, or The Sound of Music.  Where the actors frequently break into song, but there's acting as well.  It was almost too much to listen to 3 hours of singing.

My parents had Tristan overnight, and Troy and I took advantage of the night off and slept in until 830.  Wow are we ever wild and crazy.  Troy spent Saturday with his brother out on the boat with a bunch of guys.  It was really good for him to do that – Troy's always so great about taking care of Tristan and helping me out around the house on the weekends that I was glad to see him get out with the guys for a change.  He musta felt a little bad though cause on Sunday he was sure to bring me flowers just so I would know how much he loves me.  And I do know!  Troy you're the greatest husband ever and I love you right back! 

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Aug 25

L.A. – The good and the not so good

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Wow it is amazing how much you can get done in 4 days if you're running constantly and barely sleep!  At least that's what it felt like. 

Our adventure began early Thursday morning, or rather, late Wednesday night.  The alarm went off at 2am – a time even Tristan feels is inhuman to wake up at.  By 3 we were on our way to pick up a couple friends to carpool it to the airport.  The meeting time was 330, and by 410 the busses were loaded and we were on our way.  Not so comfortable, but we got to the airport in Seattle with plenty of time to spare.  The it was on to the chartered flight to Long Beach.  The seats were much more comfortable and the service was excellent.  Once in LA, we took yet another bus to the Universal Sheraton where we would spend the next 3 nights before returning home to Kelowna on the same chartered flight Sunday afternoon.


(1) Troy and I infront of the plane in Seattle (2) Debbie and I in Universal Studios

Thursday night when we got to our hotel, friends Debbie and Shane came soon afterwards.  The live in LA and it was great to be able to spend time with them.  We went through the city walk (by Universal Studios) and had dinner at a Tapas Bar.  I had never been to a tapas bar before, and it was a great experience.  It was perfect for me to be there because I love the different flavors of appetizers so much.  

The next morning we were off to Disney Studios to learn more about the company that we are now a part of and to get a tour.  We were impressed just upon entering the grounds when we saw the 7 dwarfs as pillars on one of the buildings.  We watched a great presentation on the history or Disney and all the different parts of the company.  We felt smaller and smaller the more they continued on.  Later on we did a great mingler running all around the studio grounds and then on to a wine and cheese.  I was happy as there was tons of jumbo shrimp – so I pretty much just pigged out on that.  Troy's favorite part of the day was the Disney archives where they had everything from original maquettes to the wardrobe from the lion the witch and the wardrobe.  I went to Narnia on a little trip as you can see from the pictures.  That evening we went out for dinner with Debbie and Shane again, and then met up with a few people from work for an evening in LA.  Lots of fun once again – there's no substitute for good company.   

(3) Walt Disney Archives (4) Troy and I receiving our official nametags 

(5) The camera used for Snow White (6) Troy at the Archives in from of tons of cool stuff 

(7) Entering Narnia (8) The 7 Dwarfs holding up the building


Saturday morning we were off to Disneyland.  Troy and I spent the day with Chris, and as there were only 3 of us we pretty much ran from ride to ride.  I thought it would be so busy being a Saturday in August, but the longest we waited all day was about 15 min for a ride.  By the end of the day we had been on 15 rides – that was quite a few and when we arrived back at the hotel, Troy and I both felt a little drunk from the motion of all the rides.  We headed strait for bed.  When it came time for the fireworks, Troy and I snuck off alone to right infront of the castle.  We really enjoyed it – there's something really romantic about fireworks, and Disney sure does a great job. We felt like we were in the middle of it all with all the lights and music etc.

(9) Mickey Mouse at the Studios (10) Frozone at Disneyland (11) The castle right before the fireworks

The next morning we went to Chinatown.  This is the not so good of L.A.  Don't ask why, but we thought it would be an adventure.  It was a lot of fun for the first 15 min, then we were done with it.  We saw a parade with a dragon, so I guess that made up for me missing the electric parade the night before at Disneyland.  There were a few cool little shops too, but really it was just super hot and muggy and the same as we could see in Vancouver.  Not my favorite part of the trip.  

(12) The Parade in Chinatown (13) Troy at Universal Sunday Morning


When we got home that night, it was so good to see Tristan.  It was my first time leaving him for any length of time, and starting Saturday night I really missed him.  We went out the next morning and bought a minivan, which we've been looking for the right one for a long time.  And I must admit, I love my new looser cruiser!


 (14) Our new looser cruiser
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Aug 14

Game Launch and other goodies

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Well last week was an exciting week as I laucnhed another game. This Quest is entitled the "Avalanche Rescue". Finally it is done and now on to another one, but first I am working on some carnival games for an upcoming party. It seems that this Quest was fairly sucessful which is great as it is always a little nerve racking to know wether or not the kids will like it. The following are a couple of screen grabs from the game shamlessly showing of Gord and Chris's artwork as everything I do can't really be seen(code, story writing, direction). A big thanks to them once again in all the awesome art as usual, with out which the gams jsut wouldn't be the same.

Now speaking of Gord and Chris this weekend we had, them and who ever could make it from our Development team at work over for a BBQ. Was lots of fun and was really great to have a lot of people over to our place for a bit of a party. Hopefully next time more people can make it out. We were very happy though to get the fire pit in the backyard going, I think the kids liked it too (mmm marshmellows).

Click for full size  Click for full size

On Sunday we then celebrated my Grandma's B-day, and as usual when my family all gets together we had great time. This time my Dad's Cousin Glen Mack showed up. It was awesome to see him again, especially since it has been I think something like 14-15 years since the last time i saw him.

Click for full size

So now we are preparing for our little trip to LA. It should be lots of fun and hopefully we will get to do some cool stuff down there in our short time. So we will see you all back here when we get back. 

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Aug 07

Great Long Weekend

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Another long weekend has come and gone – but we sure enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, by the end of the weekend, Troy didn't feel too rested.  I suppose that could be because not only were we crazy busy, but he also spent a good portion of his Monday off working.  Deadlines still have to be met, long weekend or not.

Friday night we went over to Ginny and Craig's for the evening.  Ginny of course cooked us an excellend meal.  Tristan was introduced to spaghetti squash for the first time, and as you can see below, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Then again, we are talking about the kid who eats olives and pickled onions.  The other picture you see is little Lyric, just hanging out.


Saturday evening we went to Susie's for a barbeque.  It was a lot of fun – and more great food.  One thing I have learnt about the portugese is that you must show up hungry.  Susie's mom's homemade buns and cheese are very hard to resist – a tough place to go when you're trying to lose weight!  Oh well, I enjoyed myself.  We got to meet Susie's boyfriend, Mike, for the first time.  Seems like a really great guy – and it's good to see your friends with someone who makes them happy.  Tristan was a lot of fun that evening – the star of the party.  Since most of our friends now have babies, it's rare that we go someplace like that and he's the only person under 20.  He therefore received a lot of attention.  Thankfully he fooled them all into thinking he's the perfect baby and never cries!  Good job, Peanut.



Pictures from left to right:
(1) Susie's Dad cooking, (2) Susie's parents, Susie and Mike,
(3) Susie and Tristan, (4) The set up and very full dinner guests.

Sunday we spent some time in the sun with the Mack family.  Mom and Dad were so happy to have Tristan on their boat for the first time!  Good practice for him as he may go early morning waterskiing when he stays with them next weekend.  Tyler came out with his jet ski too, which was a lot of fun.  We spent the day swimming, surfing, and getting too much sun.  It was great to see Uncles Tim and Tyler get to know Tristan a little better.  Here're some great shots of the day for you to enjoy.  


Pictures from left to right:
(1) Uncle Time protecting Tristan from the sun (that's Uncle Tyler behind the jet ski – he ran out of gas)
(2) Troy surfing behind the boat
(3) Tristan hanging out with Grandma, (4) Our little turtle,
(5)Driving the boat with Grandpa, (6) Grandma and Tristan,
(7) Grandma stealing me from Uncle Tim

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Aug 02

Penguins with Mickey ears!!

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So yesterday was a very exciting day for the Mackhouse, as Naomi and I have both now become Disney Employees! The company we work for as and ultimately the Club Penguin world has joined forces with Disney. You of course can read all about the details all over the place in the news so just google it and i am sure you will find something really fast. 

But we are very excited about it all and are looking forward to more fun and adventure with work as it continues to grow and evolve. For now we are gearing up to go visit Disneyland in the next 2 weeks. This time Naomi not being pregnant actually gets to ride the rides. 


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