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Jul 31

“Uh-oh, here comes trouble!”

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"Uh-oh, here comes trouble!" is heard a lot around our house right now.  Everywhere Tristan goes, he gets into something.  He sure is a handful!  But I love him that way.  So far my favorite stage is crawling.  It's great that he follows me around the house and amuses himself so much.  However, I may be saying that a little often as he has picked up on the "Uh-oh" part and says it all the time.  Well yesterday when he said it, it actually suited the situation quite well.  Tristan was crawling around in the kitchen, and I didn't realize how good he is with the stools in the kitchen (a favorite game is rearranging the furniture by moving chairs into different rooms or arrangements) and he was able to knock over the great big glass cake dish from Troy's Grandma.  Needless to say, it broke.  Thankfully, he didn't get too badly hurt – but he'll probably have a scar on his leg to show for it.  Actually, I think I was more upset about the whole thing than he was.  Thank you Uncle Sheldon for fixing Tristan's owee up so the scar won't be quite so bad!  

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The past few weeks have been great – I've been enjoying my summer more with time spent at the lake.  It's been great having my whole family together (both Dar and Dave are in Kelowna right now).  Lots of lunches with my parents and picnics etc. with friends.  This last weekend we were at a barbeque with some friends, and little Carson sure loved Tristan.  He was a bit dismayed to find out that Tristan wasn't big enough to walk, but he got over it and played with him anyways.  My favorite was when Tristan was standing near the swimming pool and Carson said to him "Don't you dare go in there!" Oh the wisdom of a 3 year old.

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One quick announcement before I sign off for the evening.  A month or two ago, we told you all that three of our faithful blog-readers are pregnant – Melanie and Barb due in November, and Hope in December.  Well we would like to add a fourth faithful reader to that list.  Congratulations Holly and Adam!  They are expecting a baby at the end of January.  Yaaaa!  Babies everywhere.  My predictions are that Melanie and Hope will have boys and Barb and Holly will have girls.  My predictions have approximately a 50% success rate, so we'll see how I did in a few months.

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Jul 27

Avatar for Chris

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Ok so first off at work we have far tooo many chris' working there. But for this particular Chris one of our quality assurance people he wanted a custom avatar. So wanting to challenge my drawing skills and well i need any excuse to practice these days i offered to do it for him. He had a tall order with lots of different elements to put in as you will see. Sorry some of them won't make sense to you out there but they don't make sense to me either.

So here is the drafts and the final. 

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Jul 23

First out of town guests

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This weekend was a lot of fun as we had our good friends Alex & Hannah stay with us from Abby. They were up here for a wedding on Sat so we didn't get to see a whole ton of them, but anytime would do.  We havn't seen them in about 2 years so it has been awhile. It was so good to get all caught up and have some fun times. It is always really cool when you have good close friends that even after you havn't seen them in 2 years it feels like you just say them last week. 
It is too bad that they live all the way over in Abby, and we already miss them. I guess we will just have to make a bigger effort to get out to the coast and visit them. The peanut needs to go on a road trip soon anyways. 
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Jul 20

My new toy

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I think i found a new way to hurt myself but a good way to get to get to the gym from work and around town. Yes i am taking up long boarding. Now i am not sure what would posses me to buy a skate board at 30 but hey i am not that old yet!!

After much research on what board i should buy i kinda wanted to buy an Arbor board but they are expensive but very good boards. Luckily one of these babies was for sale in the classifieds here in Kelowna woohoo. The board is in awesome shape as it is only 2 months old, and was only being sold as the girl had bought the board built more for girls from Arbor as well.


So now i am practicing riding this thing as it has been a very long time since i have been on a board. The first couple of attempts were a little hairy, and being a little nervous with the collar bone still healing up a bit. This board is a little tricky to first be learning on as it is built for carving but that is also the awesome thing about it, and i love it. So hopefully i don't kill myself.  

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Jul 17

WOW! it is hot!

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Wow! is it hot here! outside it is hot and inside it almost feels hotter (in our house). Our basement is usually cooler but lately it seems that it is warm as well. Now living in Kelowna we are lucky to have the lake so when it is hot like this that is the only place to really be. So this weekend that is all we really did, we went to my in-laws dock and just sat where is it was cooler.

The peanut sure enjoys this as he gets to play in the little the pool that is set up down there. We fill it up with water and let the sun warm it up. Both him and Annika love it, it is basically one big bath where he can stand up and play and move around in a lot more. I think Tristan likes it a little more as he seems to make so many sounds and giggles lots, but then he seems to do that all the time.

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Now speaking of baths, found this image on the net today and just had to share it with you all. I think the peanut would flip out if he saw this in real life as he loves his rubber duckies. This duck can be found in the river Loire in France. The 26 x 20 x 32 meter giant duck was created by Florentijn Hofman. All we need now is the bath tub to fit it in…

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Jul 11

I am back!!

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Wow it has been a month now from my little accident and i am now back. I was back to work 2 weeks ago but after a dayof work i just was too sore to do anything on the computer at home so this little blog has been neglected for far too long. But no more, and this first post back is going to be a big one lots of pics and lots of stuff has happend.

Well let's start off with my injury. The bone feels almost healed but i imagine it will be another week or so before it is solid. I am out of the sling with feels oh soo good and slowly getting the motion back in my arm although it gets extremly sore especially my rear shoulder and back. I would have to say that it is from the huge loss of muscle mass in that area due to the lack of use. I kinda look lopsided right now. Things are looking up though and i start my more intensive physio on tues, yay! 

One super cool thing from the injury was after i got back to work at my desk was this little guy sitting there for me. Gord had turned my little msn avatar into a little figurine. Super uber cool! Thanks Gord!! Oh and one more cool thing about being injured is that to compensate for my boredom (believe me i was bored, not being able to do anything for 2 weeks really sucks) my collection of Asterix & Obleix has grown fairly significantly gotta love Asterix.

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Unfortunatly with being down for so long there isn't a ton of interesting stuff that happens. But during this time the Peanut has sure been active he is more and more of a hand full and getting into everything with his new found mobilitly. He always seems super attracted to anything of any danger, especially when there is a room full of toys. His absolute favourite is power cords he just loves to pull and shake them. Another of his favourites is boxes he just loved the box of my new 24" dell LCD monitor, which by the way is also super sweet! So we have been letting the Peanut play in boxes and other various things mostly i think cause it keeps in one place for at least a moment or two.

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Other exciting news is my long time friend Mark finally got married this last weekend! The wedding went well considering all the jitters and melt downs, but did leave us all vary tired from the whole weekend. It was the first time i have gotten to stand up for someone at their wedding and it was a great honour. It was cool to be reminded so much of our wedding and how much fun we had and how much fun it has been to be married, i hope Mark and Leanna have as much fun as we have had. 

The weekend before this i had planned Mark's stag. It ended up being small and well quiet but Mark was happy of that as he was trying to wind down and relax with all the stress of the coming wedding and finishing up his school year teaching. We started the day off at 19 greens from some putting, then off to my in-laws dock to enjoy the sun, then back our house for burgers, and ending the night going to see Die Hard(sweet movie!). Yep very low key for a stag but it worked out well and was easier on my arm.

With the wedding this week i had the great chance to get the camera out and snap some shots. I managed to pull off a few good ones here and there, my favs are the flower girls. Of course the one with me in it was not takin by me.

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Now finally we come to last night. Last night was the Tragically Hip concert here in Kelowna, and we had two tickets. So we decided to give one ticket to Craig as it was his B-day on Saturday and we couldn't think of a better gift for him. So Craig and i went to the concert and it was awesome! I was great to be at another concert i love live music. Gotta say though that Gord the lead singer is crazy, he just gets right into the music and dances er wiggles er… hmmm i am not sure what it was.

Well that it for this post as i am getting a little sore hope you enjoy. 

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