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Jan 31

Quiet Weekend

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Just as the title to this post says it was a verey quiet weekend. We didn't do much of anything or go anywhere. Not sure if it was really all that relaxing at all as i feel really tired this week. 

Unfortunately we tired to see a movie but it just didn't work out, so we are hoping for this weekend(fingers crossed). I am hoping to either Pan's Labyrinth or Children of Men. Both have been rated really high, i especially wanna see Pan's Labyrinth. So if you have seen either of these let us know if they are any good.

Again we have some more pics to share with you all. Some more of the little peanut. These were from his visit with Papa last week when he was over. He is sure growing up fast, now playing with a few things and loves to try and sit up. He is getting good at it too, soon he should be able to do it on his own.

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Jan 25

My day in court

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Ugh i just had my first ever day in court. I had to go to traffic court to dispute a yellow light ticket. In the end i didn't win from not being familiar with the process and missing my chance to make my statement. Stupid me. But i am choked because the cop lied about some of the details saying i had nobody behind me and i was driving to fast. There was someone behind me and i wasn't going more than 40 as traffic was bumper to bumper.

So it looks like i have to pay the full fine of $167 yuck! I now know why i never became a lawyer, i don't think i would be very good at it. I am just too passive i guess and well lets face it the law is kinda boring. I don't even like law shows on TV and those are sensationalized, give me Battlestar Galactica any day! Yes yes i know i am a geek.

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Jan 23

Mack ‘n’ Becker Christmas II

Category: Journal

We finally had it! The Mack 'n' Becker Christmas. This past Saturday night we finally celebrated Christmas with the Beckers. Yes yes i know it is like super late, and we even missed the Ukranian Christmas lol. It was great though and fun to celebrate Christmas with 2 new additions. Little Lyric is really cute and adorable, and soo small compared to Tristan, it is amazing how much of a difference a few months can make! We just have a few pics for now but as soon as Craig sends me some more we will post them.

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Sunday we had a great dinner with my parents. We hadn't seen them in awhile with everyone having colds and such. I think they really missed the peanut. Great Grandma sure can't get enough of him either. But then who can he is just tooooo cute! She can be super scary though as she is always trying to carry him across the room and she can hardly walk herself. Yikes have to watch her super careful.

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In other news Tristan got his new super uber mobile all set up. It has mechanical flying birds and plays Vivaldi, boy does he ever love this thing. He could almost watch it for hours, with a big grin on his face. It always reminds me of the Tiki Tiki room at Disneyland, the first attraction we went to when we were there. I bet he will like that too, but he will have to wait a bit before we take him there. Should be lots of fun, to see Disneyland through a kids eyes, but lets not rush things. It's nice just to have him this size. Well that is all i have for now but i will leave you all with these pics.
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Jan 16

Feeling better

Category: Journal

Yes I am finally feeling better. What a really rough start to the new year. Really sucks to be sick for 2 weeks and not just one cold but oh yes 2!! YuckTongue out. I got the second one the very day i was feeling better from the first, and that one was the real doozy. Oh well now it seems everyone in the house is feeling better and oh so much happier. 

This weekend we pretty much hung low and tried to get lots of rest especially as Naomi was feeling sick. So we had to cancel our plans for the Mack n Becker Christmas it has been a busy season and especially for the Beckers with the birth of Lyric. But with the new addition it should make the Christmas celebration even better. We are looking forward to seeing her again. So we will all have to settle with a Ukrainian Christmas although i think we are past that now too. 

Friday night was a lot of fun as Craig and i had a bit of guys night. He gave me a call at work with Tickets to the Rockets game. Woohoo. It turned out to be a great game and a really good night although freezing cold waiting for Naomi to pick me up afterwards. Thanks Craig!!

Sunday i played a lot with the little peanut and snapped a lot of pictures while Naomi slept. He sure loves playing with Dad!

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Aparantly now is when they start to develop a sense of humour and it is very true. He seems to laugh at lots of things even getting his diaper change! It is really cute a makes it all more fun. Laughing is always better than crying.

Tristan also started in his Jolly Jumper this weekend. He is slowly figuring it out but he doesn't seem to mind just hanging out in it as well. Soon though he should be jumping about like crazy. 

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Jan 11

Busy January

Category: Art,Journal

It's amazing how the holidays can be just over and already we're back to running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.  This week has been especially crazy for me as Troy's been sick so I've been picking up his slack.  Shows me just how much he does around here and how busy his days are driving the girls etc.  Tristan also had his shots yesterday and a doctor's appointment today, so I've been running errands with that. 

Tristan's needles didn't go so well yesterday.  Actually the needles went fine, it was the band-aids that didn't go over so well with Tristan.  He screamed as was expected during the needles, but when he was still screaming 10 min later and couldn't even calm down enough to nurse, the nurses came out quite concerned.  The one nurse told me she's never heard a baby cry so hard and so long from getting the shots.  We looked at his legs, and they were bright red and starting to get swollen.  It was concentrated around the band-aids, so we took them off.  Poor little man had big welts almost exactly under each band-aid.  Seems he's allergic to the glue or something with them.  Once the band-aids were off we put cold compresses on his legs and within about an hour and a half they were back to normal and he was his calm self again.  Hopefully this is something he outgrows, but certainly not the end of the world if he doesn't.  I guess he's just got really sensitive skin.

Even though I'm a bit late for talking about Christmas, there's a few things that should be mentioned.  First of all, it was wonderful to spend time with Daralynn, Sheldon and Annika on my side of the family, and also with Tim from Troy's side.  Tristan's been very lucky to have spent so much time with his one and only cousin (even if she is a soother bully) in his short life.  He's actually seen her every month since he's been born – pretty good for living as far apart as they do!  It was, however, his first time meeting his Uncle Tim.  Tristan and Tim got along great – it was really neat to see how natural Tim is with babies.  I had no idea.

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We were very blessed over Christmas with really thoughtful gifts.  I really felt that everyone went to the effort this year to really think about what each person wanted or needed.  Troy painted me this beautiful painting for above our bed.  It will always be special as it represents where we're at in our family right now.  The symbol in the bottom right corner means love, and that's really what the painting means – how much we love each other and Tristan. 

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Jan 02

Mackhouse is back & up!!

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First i would like to say to you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Laughing

Next we are sorry the site has been down. It seems that everything was a big mix up with the company that we bought our domain through. They charged us for the renewal but didn't actually renew. So i have changed registrars and everything finally got transfered and propagated over the net.  Unfortunally the company doesn't think they charged us but my VISA says otherwise. So i probably have a little bit of a battle ahead of me. 

Well the holidays have come and gone by so quickly and now i am sick with a cold. But i have been resting lots so should be back and at it again soon. With the site being down we will leave you all with some fresh new pics to enjoy. 

Here is Tristan saying Merry Christmas to Great Grandpa, ok well maybe we said it and he slept.

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Then with all the snow we have been getting here we just had to try out Tristan's little snow suit. You can all say awwwww now!

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And now a big Congratulations to Craig & Ginny on the birth of their little girl! Her name is Lyric Mona-Lise Becker, she came in at 7lbs 6 oz. We think she is really cute now Tristan has another friend!


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