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Aug 23

Another week gone by

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Wow another week gone by already. Time flys i tell ya. Been crazy as usual this week. Dara and Sheldon (naomi’s sister) came down this past week from Edmonton so we spent a lot of family time this past week. Was good to see them and of course my mother-in-law fed us lots of food. Trying to fatten us up i think.

Work has been pretty fun for the last week as well as i have been working on a super cool game. Hopefully it will turn out well. I have been learning lots and sometimes i think it is going to make my head explode. emoticon

Saturday i aerated my lawn with this big bad boy.

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Man did that ever wipe me out that thing was a beast but hopefully my lawn will do much better now that the grass can breath. Someday i will have a nice green lawn… someday.

For the weekend we just worked a little getting the house ready for the Hockey students that will be staying with us for the next year. More on that later. We also got out to bertram park to celebrate a co-workers wedding(he got married in April down in Kentucky). I mansged to get this great picture of Naomi.

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Gotta say she makes a great photo subject. Sunday we relaxe a bit down on the dock and got to meet my buddies(mark) new girlfriend. Looking forward to getting to know her better. She seems like a great girl.

Now we start another week. Started this week off with another gruelling dragonboat practice, beating another team in a race the first time but getting our butts kicked on the second. Diffently need to work on our endurance. As for this week, hopefully we will get the rest of the house done. Lots of work! 

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Aug 14

Good Dragonboat workout

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Whew… I am beat from today’s dragonboat practice. So far it has been a lot of fun and am looking forward to the actual races. Should be really crazy racing against a bunch of other teams. We had a full team this week with 24 people in the boat. We got a little wet from waves on the lake but it was lots of fun. Cept for the coach working us so hard. I will proably be a little sore tomorrow.

Here is a pic of what some of the boats can look like. I hope we get to race one like this in the festival instead of a practice boat.


As for the weekend well we had some more fun of course. This time some skyskiing, and more surfing one of my favs. On sunday the whole fam got together to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Mack’s 78th b-day. Then it was off to spend time with Naomi’s sister Dara and her Husband Sheldon as they are in town for the week. So we get to see our little niece Anika. I even got to give sheldon’s sea-do a rip, man can that thing move!

Aside from all the play I got started on some of the last reno’s in the basement with some paint. And finally got back to my character design. So here he is for your critique.

Click for full size 

Let me know what you all think! 

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Aug 07

Everyone is Surfing!!

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The long weekend is sadly over, but we did get to do lots. I feel like i started to get a little bit of leeway on some of the stuff i wanted to get done. First off you will probably start to notice a few changes on this site. If things act weird either they are supposed to do that or we have messed up something. Hopefully we are getting it all right. Some of the noticeable changes are the new image links. You will now start to see less full images in posts and more image links. Alright that is jsut standard the cool part is you will never leave the page to view the image. It will just be displayed in as an overlay. Thanks to the wonderfull lightbox script, although it was not easy to modify it to work on this blog. But it should work with the previous simpsons post image links and this post. Second you will now see our cartoon images displayed instead of our names to indicate who posted. This is going to change but the test is working well. Everything else is in the background or yet to be released. So stay tuned.

We did a little photo shoot of Naomi last weekend after she go her hair done.She is just so cute and sexy.

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This Friday we finally had some Chinese food. The pregnant girl was craving some really bad all week. Craig also came over, a little lonely from Ginny being out of town. He was very stoked to finally wear his shirt i had made him for his B-day. Looks Great!

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Saturday we got to spend with our friends Debbie & Shane who we stayed with in LA. It was great to see them here in the okanagan again. This time we actually to to spend most of the day with them. It was nice for Shane to get to enjoy Kelowna as he has never really spent that much time here. We took them down to the dock and got some sailing in with some perfect wind. One of the best sails i have had this year so far! Then of course we all got really hungry so we headed downtown for a dinner on the patio at Earl’s. Reminded me again of why i like Kelowna so much. After a good meal they had to head home to spend time with family so we satisfied Naomis craving for icecream at Dairy Queen. Then home and watched the Movie "Firewall". Not a bad movie.
Sunday we just spent the day relaxing at home and working on this webpage. I finally got around to removing the garbarator from the sink, something naomi is very happy about.
Today was a lot of fun. We got to spend the day on the lake with my parents again out at Woods lake. I decided that i have gotten way to rusty at wakeboarding, but at least i am getting better at surfing. Everybody surfed today including the dog.
Click for full size
Here is a video of us torturing the poor dog. lol
Click for Video


For thoose of you who are interested here is how surfing works with a demo from me!

Click for video

Whew! that was a busy weekend!! Now to get some work done.

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