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Jul 26

Last pics before birth

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Little mack gots some more pictures taken today. Not even born yet and we are already taking lots of pictures. Best we can figure looks like little mack has my nose and lips and naomi’s chin. A fine looking baby i figure.


Little mack also went through some tests today and passed with flying colours. YAY! Still really active and has already turned around for it’s entry into the new world. Only 6 more weeks to go!

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Jul 25


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Ok for all you Simpsons fans out there I came across this today.

Someone actually built and painted their own version
of the Simposons houshold, take a look:

For anyone who missed their live action
intro on TV a few months ago, here it is:

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Jul 25

spam spam spam

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Argggghhhhhh, I am soo annoyed at all the spammers out there. I am so tired of recieving spam in my e-mail, and now they have started to attack this blog. So i truly apologize to everyone out there if they have read any weird comments on this blog. These were not aproved by me or naomi at all. I am sure you all know of them – free passwords, mortgage offers, perscriptions, you may have been a winner, rolex watches, and oh yes personal enhancement, and did you know you can find love locally! As if all the junk mail and telemarketers weren’t enough. I wish that something could be done about all the spam. One collective internet bomb to make it all go away and then the world would give a big sigh of relief. So in my great annoyance i decided to do a little research on spam. Here is what i have found.

  • 60-75% of e-mail traffic is spam
  • 90% of spam comes from offshore sources so it is impossible for law enforcement to do anything
  • 1 in 100 spam is "phishing" for inforamation
  • spam costs the average ISP (internet service provider) $7 per user
  • approximately 10% of an ISP’s overhead deals with spam
  • we waste 16 hours a year deleting spam
  • spam can cost the average business up to $400 dollars per e-mail box
  • spam costs reciepents about 8 billion US a year
  • 50-75% of spam has forged reply addresses
  • "SPAM" in all caps is a registered trademark and refers to the luncheon meat

See this blog can be educational. Crazy though eh? So with all this I am forced to take measures on this blog to curb the spam. So now when you all post a comment you will have to enter in a verification code from an image. Annoying I know, i wish this wasn’t nessary.

Well that is my rant on that, maybe it’s just the heat or maybe it’s the cold i am fighting, that has got me so mad. Hopefully we will see less spam on this site, and spare you all from it.

On a better note. This past weekend was great crazy hot but great. We basically just spent the whole weekend escaping the heat by the lake on Naomi’s parent’s dock. Saturday night we even spent the night down there. Not planned but we were happy that it ended up that way. So we are planning on doing it again this weekend. We are thinking that we will have to introduce little mack to sleeping on the dock next year. Family night out! lol. Unfortunately we forgot our camera all weekend so no pictures.emoticon

This weekend we will have to try to remember harder.

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Jul 10

2 Weekends

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Ok so 2 weekends go by an no update on the Blog. What is up with that i am sure you all are asking. Well i just have no answer for you. Are we busy? yes always! Are we Lazy? hmmm maybe just a little. Is there nothing new and interesting? Nope, there is always something new and interesting. At least to us.

Happy Canada day to all of you out there!!! Yes it is a week late but better now than never. And we gotta say we love living in Canada. Although we wouldn't mind living somewhere else nice and warm and tropical. Hmmm pineapple, palm trees, and surf….. Ahem ok maybe we are proud to be Canadian and want to live somewhere else. But after the last 2 weekends it would be hard to move away. Kelowna can be like paradise sometimes. Minus the palm trees of course, but then that is what we have the banana tree for.

The canada day weekend was a great weekend though. With lots of time on the water and in the sun. I got to go wake boarding, barefooting and surfing. I love to surf and can hardy wait till i get to do the real thing on the ocean sometime. (for thoose of you who know me this is a life long dream) For now i will have to make due with being behind a boat.

For Canada we headed out to a big house party my friend Craig was playing at to raise money for Diabetes. His band "Jam Shack" put on a great show as always. They are getting better and better each time they play a new gig. Here is the band with Mike on the left, Chris in the middle and Kevin K on the right, and of course Craig on the Drums (aka HOS).

The rest of the weekend we spend down at the in-laws dock and on woods lake with my parents. Just floating and playing in the water. Even got to go Cliff jumping which was a lot of fun to do again.

We will just skip by the rest of the week, as nothing super interesting happend there, well at least work wise as everything is Top Secret there. But for this last weekend all we did was play again. Starting with celebrating Craig's B-day with night on the town. Of Course the girls got tired and went home early, leaving Craig and I and his cousing lexy to get in trouble. Ended up being a really fun night, with my highlight being when i gave Craig his B-day gift. I had made him a shirt with a custom design of this.

He was super pumped. Still hasn't stop talking about it to this day. It's awesome when someone likes your work. Well after a great night out the girls were fast asleep so we didn bother to wake them. So i just crashed the night at Craig and Gin's and we all woke up to make waffles on the patio in the morning. MMMM yum!! Then it was off for another day at the lake on the dock ending with smokies cooke over a campfire. Sigh life is rough. But then it doesn't end there. As it was off to Gin's parents the next day for a day at the pool. Where we were served by Gin's dad at his very cool Tiki Bar. A little taste of the island in the backyard. After a day of more sun it was off to see Pirates of the Caribean. Which i gotta say was awesome film. I personally like it more than the first one. And now can't wait for the 3rd one. If you were thinking of going to it. I say you should definitly go!!
Well that was one crazy long weekend of play, so now it is back to work for the week. We have lots to do now but the weekend of resting and playing was worth it. For now i will leave you all with this picture of Naomi by the pool.


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