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Jun 28

Sun, Heat & Bananas

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Wow!! now it is smoking hot outside, and our house is cooking!! But i love it and would much rather be hot than cold any day.

All this heat now means that we can now enjoy the lake and all that, that intails. Like this weekend where on Sunday we had our friends Craig & Gin over for sunday morn waffles with fresh strawberrys picked the day before. MMMM and they were probably the best strawberries i have ever had. We found a new place to pick and i think we will be going back. It is just too bad they are finished for the year emoticon. We with full bellys headed down to Naomi's parents dock to lay in the sun and swim in the lake. Well except for Craig how went to work to catch up. What a Bum!! Oh well at least he made it back for the evenging smokies on the fire. Yum! what a great day!! Here are the girls showing off their pregnant bellies and new bathing suits. Not bad for maternity suits!

Oh yes for thoose of you who don't know i guess it is now in the open. Craig & Gin are expecting tooo!!! They will be having a little rug rat around Christmas. we are super excited and now it looks like little mack has a friend already!! The only sad news is that Ginny was in an accident as well(don't worry she is ok). So she is pretty sore as well. The girls sure do make a pair! We are thinking that they have some sort of weird competition going on.

Naomi seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day. Little mack is growing up already! But i have to say Naomi is looking really good pregnant! Here judge for yourself

Well we are still busy around the house picking away at things here and there. Except it is really hard to get motivated to do any yard work and the such when it is this hot. We did plant a Banana Tree in the garden and i am super stoked that i have a palm tree in the yard. YAY! This tree won't get any bananas but that is ok. It is still super cool. So hopefully i don't kill it.

Aside from all this play and work and everything i just got this sites backend all updated. So all of you out there should enjoy the page loading a little faster. Mostly all the changes are in the things you can't see but makes my life a little easier. This should also allow me to add some more cool things, once i finish editing some more files.

Well that is pretty much it for this post tonight as i should go to bed. But for some reason i am just loving skulls and flames lately so i just had to draw a cartoon style of both here it is for you to enjoy. emoticon

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Jun 23

Our Comic Selves

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Yay!! it is finally getting nice a warm here in kelowna making us very happy. We are looking forward to spending time on the water and everything else summer related. Also i am feeling much better and am very glad to have that flu out of the way.

Things are busy as usual in the Mackhouse. With work and still lots of things to do around the house. I have started some yard work and planting some plants to spruce up the place. Also working on getting the lawn into better shape as it looks so pathetic. Basically nobody took care of it for the last few years. I have added some fertilizer to it and giving it nive long drinks of water and wow is it ever starting to grow. So hopefully it won't take to long to grow back nice, then little mack will have a nice yard to run around in.

In the evengings i have started to work on a comic strip i would like to create. Basically it will help me to work on my lacking drawing skills and help to keep this website a little more interesting. Here are some the concepts so far. I am basing it on us just turning us into characters and using the funny things that happen to us. Well hopefully they are funny. So far i both of us designed in 2 different styles. Here is me:

It is more of a classical comic design but i think it works well. But just didn't seem to stand out. So i thought of doing a more Retro style and pop culture looking one so here is Naomi in the style:


I like it better and it is more marketable but still not exactly what i am looking for. Let me know what you guys think.

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Jun 14

Hate being sick

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Well again it has been a long time since the last update. I think it is going to be a while before we get back to any kind of normal around here. Such is life i guess. As the saying goes soo much to do so little time.

This past i guess almost week and half i have been fighting some sort of weird flu/cold thingy. Had to stay home from work for 2 days at the beginning of last week. Just havn’t felt myself since. each day is a little better but i always feel just a little run down and i hate that. Especially when there is soo much more work to get done. But dispite it all we finally got our old place cleared out and cleaned up. Now we can focus on this place. First thing is to get all the rest of our junk(and i do mean junk) unpacked and put away somewhere. I think there is a few little cracks we havn’t filled yet. It is amazing how much junk we can accumulate, always thinking it is something we need.

Now that things are settling down a little i am trying to bring my focus back to this site and continually practicing my art and programing. I have begun to program a few little tiny games. I have one done so far but it is far from anything worth being good. So i won’t post it here. But the next one is going to be much better. But first i am working on completing a small puzzle game. It will basically be mastermind. So you should all be familar with it. Next i am also going to get the gallery page up for this site so you can view our albums of pictures. It is half built so it shouldn’t take to long to get the rest done. I should also create a new page for this site as well something that matches our new house a little better. Again so much to do and so little time.

Now i better get to it and stop typing aimlessly. emoticon 

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