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May 28

Big Move

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Whew!! What a crazy crazy weekend and well last few weeks for that matter. It has a been a long while since my last entry in this blog and i do apologize to all you out there in the big wide world.

 Like i said it has been cray here. I have been working like crazy on our new house. Updating all the flooring, painting the walls, fixing various different things, etc. etc. I am only part way through my long list of jobs to do but finally at the point where we can move in. So here i sit stealing my neighbours internet connection (shhhhh don’t tell him) writing you all the first blog from our new house.

We spent our first night here on Firday nite as i had our room all set up nice and fancy as an anniversary present for Naomi (this year is our 5th) yay! I am sure she will tell you all about it in a blog soon. With pictures and everything. We where glad we could spend at least one night here alone before my parents moved in downstairs and my brother as well. My parents are renting our basement soon to be suite while they are waiting for their house to be built. So lots of changes around here for us.

So now we embark on the journey of being house owners. Scary ground to be sure right now for us as it is all new, as there is so much more work to do. Hopefully we don’t end up spending tooo much more. Well i will leave with that and let you all no more in the days to come. Time for this Mack to get some much needed sleep. 

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May 09

New House

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Well it’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog – so sorry for those of you who’ve been checking!  Life has been pretty hectic around here – especially for Troy.  I’ve barely seen him these past few weeks. 

We got possesion of our house not too far from where we are living right now if any of you would like to check it out come on over and say hello! Anyways, we got possesion of our first home on April 28th.  Since then, we’ve completely repainted, recarpeted the downstairs, ripped out wallboarding, and are on to putting laminate down in the upstairs.  The job seemed so overwhelming at first, and would have been had it not been for all the help we’ve been getting from our parents, Troy’s brother Tim, Terry Brooks and Mark Wereley.  Thank you all so much for your help!  Looks like it will all come together sooner than we expected. I especially appreciate all the help as I havn’t been able to do much at all between my injuries from the accident and the whole pregnant thing.

Here’re some of our before pictures, mostly taken when we first bought the house, with the other people’s furniture still in it.  After pictures to come!  Take note of the awesome carpet and wallpaper. 








I went back to work part time as of yesterday, and it was harder than I expected.  My shoulder held up ok, but my neck and back were really hurting me.  Starting to get worried that my injuries are going to take longer than I expected to heal.  Worried about my back later on in my pregnancy – thank goodness for massage therapy!  I tell ya, what I would do for some muscle relaxers right now that I’d be guaranteed wouldn’t hurt the baby.  Oh well, such is life.

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