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Apr 26

The Alien Inside My Belly

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Yesterday was an exciting day for Troy and I as we got to see our baby for the first time.  Via ultrasound that is.  Little Mack is now officially in the clear after the accident with an ultrasound that looks good.  It was a big sigh of relief for us, even though everything has looked good in the last week, it’s nice to have the visual assurance.2D Image of Little Mack

Little Mack has been very active lately, and I can quite often feel him/her moving in my belly.  I was amazed at how much the baby moves that I can’t feel – complete changes of position were caught with the ultrasound and I didn’t feel them at all.  This made me wonder what the baby’s doing that I CAN feel – Is there a gymnast in there?

Anyhow, it was a great feeling to see our baby in action – made everything seem much more real about the pregnancy.  Over the last week I’m also starting to look pregnant and maternity clothes from my sister (thanks Dar!) and from another friend (thanks Jaylyn!) are here just in the perfect timing.  This is making us realize as well that we’re actually going to have a baby. It may sound funny, but until now I’ve been able to accept the fact that I’m pregnant, but the fact that there’s going to be a baby that I am responsible for in September still seems a little bizarre.  It does seem much more real now that I’ve seen the baby.
3D Image of Little Mack

If you’re wondering why I titled this blog "The Alien Inside My Belly" it’s because that’s what the 3D picture looks like to me.  An alien with vague resemblance to Troy.  Lol – hope it’s cuter when it comes out!  The bun’s only half baked! 

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Apr 16

Building a House

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After so many people have been asking and now that I have a little bit of time, here is how the house was built in Mexico. The first thing that is done way before we even got there is to find a family to build for. Usually the family will hear about Homes for Hope and Ywam through people in the community who have had a house built for them before. They will then apply for a house to see if they qualify. Of course just about everybody qualifies. In this case it is the Gorostieta Rayo Family. Salvador and his Wife Maria, and their three kids Edgar, Mayra (jacylyn) and Eduardo.


They lived in this trailer lent to them but the trailer was being asked back.

Their weekly salary is 70 dollars. They own the small peice of dirt they live on but still owe 8000 out of the 9500 it cost them so the monthly payments are 150. SO this is the family in need of house.

The next step in the process is the pouring of the concrete slab for the house. This is poured a few days before we arrive so that it is all ready to go.


We then show up in a big team to get the rest of the job done. The house is 16’X20′ which basically the size of a garage or a large shed for us but for this family it will be a home. Warm dry and their own. Everybody is split up into teams some for painting everything that needs to be painted, this way everything doesn’t need to be painted once it is built saving time.


Another team takes on framing the house just as you would any other house.


Then one more team to build trusses. For the trusses first one is made to spec and then this is used as a template to build all the rest.


Once the walls are built they are then all put up to make the four sided house.




Now the outside walls are painted and the trusses are reaied to be put up. 


The trusses are asembled and we even got to putting some of the drywall up on the inside.


That was the end of day 1, ans some time for some rest.

The next day it was back to it. With attention to the roof now.



The Roofing is put up with nice asphalt shingles to keep the rain out. 


Mean while inside all the drywall is set in place and painted. Wherever there is a seam or corner, a peice of trim is nailed in place saving on having to tape and mud the walls. Nice and easy.



"Double, double toil and trouble;"

The house is almost finished now with just some touch ups here and there. And in 2 days the house is complete.


We then return on final day to dedicate the house to the happy family and leave them with a few gifts. Naomi and I bought a necklace for little jaclyn. She seemed to really like jewelry.  

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Apr 14

Naomi’s Accident

Category: Journal

Well I feel very lucky this morning.  Yesterday, my parents and I left for Easter weekend to visit my sister and brother-in-law and niece and my brother.  We were just north of Enderby when a car pulled out in front of us to make a left turn across the highway and he didn’t see us coming.  We were going 95 and my Dad (driver) didn’t even have enough time to put his foot on the brake.  The driver of the other car ended up with just a few bruises along his side, which is amazing and due only to the fact that he was driving a big old Oldsmobile.  If he had been in a smaller, newer car, the cops and paramedics said that he would probably have been killed.  If we hadn’t been driving in a newer car made for safety in situations as such, we would have all had pretty serious injuries as well.  I really feel that God protected us, and am also a newfound believer in wearing seatbelts.  I don’t even want to think about what could have happened without them. The cops and paramedics told us that when they see accidents like this, usually the driver of the other car doesn’t make it and the people in the car we were in come out with serious injuries.  They were amazed none of us lost consciousness.

Of course, considering my pregnancy, there’s always worry about the baby.  Because I’m only 16 weeks, the baby’s still pretty protected by my body.  I went to the Salmon Arm hospital, and while I was lying there waiting for the doctor, I could feel the baby moving.  The heart rate prooved to be strong at 140, so things are looking really good.  I have some pains in my abdomen, but they havn’t gotten any worse since the accident last night, which is good.  I’m not allowed to do anything for the next few days just to make sure not to put little Mack through anymore trauma than he’s already been through his(or her) short life (this is the second accident I’ve been in since being pregnant).  

So, we’ve all come out of the accident fairing well.  My mom’s chest is pretty sore from the airbag, but she’s going to be alright.  Besides some bruising from the seatbelt and neck and back pain from the jolt, I’m doing really well.  Still praying for little Mack, but everything’s looking really positive.  

I’ve really seen how many people care about me in the last 24 hours.  Thank you so much everyone who’s been praying for me and the baby and for all of your concerns.  It’s great to feel loved!

My parents' car


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Apr 05

One Great Trip

Category: Journal

Just siting here and having some time to think about the trip has been great. So many memories and so many things done. It feels like it all went by really fast and yet during the trip the time didn’t fly by all that fast. We felt like we actually got a chance to enjoy the time and soak up everything. Things have been a little crazy here just getting back in the groove of things. Between visiting family, cleaning house, unpacking, working, grocery shopping and various other odds and end it has been a whirlwind. We havn’t even had a chance to go through all our pictures yet. Hopefully soon. Also we have come home to a bit of an ant problem yuck!!  Grrrrr i hate them smelly little thingsemoticon.

Right now i just had some time to look through some of the numbers of the trip and well here they are:

23 days

18 tanks of Gas

over 6000 Km

25 cd’s of music

5 hotels

too many burgers

3 countries

3 states

One house built

150 orphans entertained

not enough tacos

one corona

4 beaches

Many memories and Friends!! 

All equals one great trip!!

Now for all of you out there here are a few pictures you havn’t seen yet.






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Apr 02

We’re Home

Category: Journal

We are home!! We left Red Bluff yesterday morning at 8 and arrived home at 1:30 in the morning. Having arrived in Seattle at about 7:30 we decided it would be nice to sleep in our own bed so we just pressed on. It was well worth the late long drive. It felt really good to be home and then wake up and see the view of the lake very different to the ocean. The trip again was pretty much uneventful. It rained most of the way but was nice as it was cool to drive. We got stuck in grid lock traffic in Taccoma because of an accident covering to lanesm, but with some good navigation by Naomi we got arround it without too much trouble. Of course getting home was interesting as we tried to come home quietly and not wake up naomi’s parents upstairs but they had set the alarm and well i think the whole neighbourhood knew we were back.

Today we are just going to relax, get some groceries unpack and clean up. After such a long trip it is good to be back but we already miss Tijuana and everyone there and of course the tacos. 

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