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Nov 28

Chirstmas music

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Wow is it ever cold out there!  We must all be wimps here in Kelowna cause it’s only -1…but it feels like it might as well be -100!

I am officially feeling old – I now have glasses that I have to wear at work.  I was getting pretty sick of the 3 o’clock headache that caffein wasn’t seeming to cure, so I got my eyes checked out.  I guess staring at the computer 8 hours a day isn’t too easy on the eyes.  I now feel like I do fit in at work though as pretty much everyone else there has glasses too.


We’re getting ready for the Christmas season – the shopping’s just about done.  I hate shopping this time of year – too many people around. We’ll be putting up our tree and other decorations this weekend and we started listening to Christmas music today.  I love Christmas, but sometimes the music can get to me.  Can’t someone come up with more Christmas songs so I don’t have to be a humbug? If you have any good songs to recommend that would be awesome – always looking to change it up a bit.  


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Nov 25

It’s Snowing!!

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"Walking in a winter wonderland" It is snowing outside and today it is most welcome.  Kelowna here was just starting to feel a little gray and depressing.  Now everything is covered in a bright cheery white blanket, and the trees topped with frosting.  Yum.

So with the snow i decided to update the header with snow.  Hope you all enjoy, and remember drive safe.


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Nov 21

Vancouver & Back

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Here we are home after a wonderful weekend in the big city, with our friends Craig and Ginny.

It all seemed to go by so quickly, but now we will have some fond memories for awhile. It was great to get away for some fun and relaxation. Vancouver is a fun and beautiful city but have to say the traffic is just crazy, we quickly found this out as we arrived in Van on friday evenging.  Oh well nothing that a little food and drink couldn’t solve once we arrived at our hotel.  

Saturday was a real fun day of shopping and getting lost and numerous other adventures.  You should always make sure to get some good directions or a have a good map when finding a place you have never been too.  Once finally finding our destination the GX building, which holds a sort of market for sample products, the girls had a lot of fun shopping for themselves and christmas. After this we headed to the metrotown mall for more shopping and importantly food.  I don’t recommend eating at the thai food restaurant in the food court.  The food was defintly nothing to write home aboutemoticon.  Naomi found a few good clothes and us guys tried not to spend too much money on gadgets. We then headed back to the hotel so the girls could rest from all the shopping.  Craig and I headed to Moxies in the hotel to order up some pizzas and meet a great Bartender named Jerome.  I gotta tell you Jerome is a great bartender and really nice guy, if you ever find yourself there you should go and see him.  Scarfing down the pizza as we got ready for the rest of the night, we headed out to find some fun.  Not finding anything that wasn’t crazy busy we ended up walking back to the hotel, to see Jerome at Moxies, lol.  Oh well at least we had a great walk in the city at night, I always love cities at night.

The next day was basically us heading back home. Luckly we had great roads all weekend and our trip back was uneventfull.  Getting back to kelowna we decided to end the weekend relaxing with a movie at Craig and Ginny’s.  Now it is back to the grind.  


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Nov 17

Independent America

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Time to put in a plug for one of the links.


Please visit the link to learn all about this wonderful documentary.  It was created by Hanson Hosein and Heather Hughes, two reporters here locally in Kelowna. Now one reason i am plugging this is that i worked on the animations in this film and my brother Tim created the concept art.  The other reason i am plugging this more importantly that it  is a great film and everyone should see it.

The film is basically the search for "Mom & Pop" across America.  What they have done is a road trip across America dealing with only Mom & Pop business.  They lay out the issue of Independent America vs. Corporate Chain store America, in a very balanced look.  The film is wonderful as it will make you think and maybe change your personal consumer habits. It is really entertaining and i think you all will really enjoy it. It you visit the site you will get a better understanding and description of the film.

Here is a small screen shot of some of my work in the film.

So check it out, and either see if you can purchase a copy or catch a screening near you.emoticon 

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Nov 16

Hello & Welcome!!

Category: Journal


Well finally!!! I have gotten some time to create this site and really make it what we want it too beemoticon. Well almost lol.  For now we have just the blog up and running and well it is something, right? The goal of this site is to keep all of you out there updated and informed on all that is Mack. Hopefully this will be an interesting site to visit often; at least we will try to make it interesting.

In our quest to make this a great place to hang and have fun etc. we are hoping to have some of the following up and running in the next month or so.  First off will be to get our portfolio pages up and running, so you can all see what exactly it is that we do to make and living. Hopefully those pages will also lead to more work for us, especially me! Gotta pay for all this somehow.  The gallery page is basically going to be a photo album so you can see what we look like and where we have been, also included will be some video so you can all see how goofy we really are. Next the Fun & Games page will be my little baby. Here I will be posting games I have made so you can all play and challenge each other.  Also a chat or some form of forum will be created for you all to interact with us a little more.  Finally will be the about us page with contact info, and the interesting details you have all been wanting to know (hmmm what kind of deodorant does Troy use?).

Before I end this post I want to make you all aware of a few more things on this page.  If you will notice to right you will see there is an archive section where you will be able to look at previous posts from us.  There is also a search feature so you can search through all our little journal entries.  Below this is a list of links that will be added, as we link some things of interest and some of our favourite sites. Now the big thing to notice is just below this post is a little button you can click on to view comments to each post or create your own.  I will make a few interface buttons in here as well so it makes it a little easier to make interesting comments.  Right now I have easy to use smiley buttons.  Please feel free to post comments so we can know your thoughts, and keep in touch with you.  You could start right now by posting a comment and saying Hi, or give me some C&C on the site itself and and recommendations you might have.

All right can’t wait to hear from everyone soon. Till then cheers emoticon 


If you are having problems viewing this page, or the above header looks weird make sure you have the lastest version of flash player.  Also everything is best viewed with the Firefox Browser, which is far better than IE, and you will end up with less spyware using it. bonus!! 

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