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Nov 11

Cabinet Hardware Assembly

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The cabinet is completely painted and is looking really good. I do as I had mentioned earlier wished I had used bondo instead of wood filler but oh well things still look good and really it is only me that notices. Unfortunately I learned the best way to get a nice glossy look on a cabinet on this is to paint it all flat black which ensures a nice even surface then give it up to 5 passes with clear coat. Too bad I didnt know this before hand, funny how you discover these things after the fact.

I spent all Friday assembling the hardware etc. Was a great use of a day off. Had my fingers crossed a little when I powered it all up but Success!! Everything worked perfectly. Now it is onto configuring all the mame software, emulators and Maximus arcade which I am using for the frontend. Below is pictures of the progress. Looking forward to when I get all the art decals on the sides, control board and the marquee. Anyone out there want to donate their time and do some artwork for me?

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Nov 04

Painting The Cab In Progress

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Just another quick update on the Cabinet progress. I have been spending the last week applying the primer coat making sure it is all nice and even. Then it was onto sanding the whole thing down to make it nice and smooth for the coat of paint. It has been a slow process as I wait for each coat to dry. I have to say now that I am so close to getting to putting all the hardware together I am getting impatient but excited.

Below you will see the rear door and control panel primed and sanded and the main cabinet with it’s first coat of paint.

Next steps:

  • finish┬ápainting
  • wet sand everything to get it super glossy and smooth
  • install all buttons
  • install the door
  • mount the Mother Board
  • mount the HDD
  • connect everything
  • hold breath


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Oct 21

Mackhouse Arcade Progress!!!

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Okay so it has been a really long time since we have updated anything on this blog. Darn facebook!!! Sorry about the lack of updates or info or anything for that matter. That being said I have over the past few weeks been back at the mini mame project.

Sadly I have lost a few pictures along the way so it will feel like I jumped a step here. Last we left off I had the cardboard prototype all put together. Since then I bought ┬ásheet of 1/2″ MDF and an awesomely old table saw which weighs a ton as it is all cast iron. It has lasted some 50+ years and will probably last some about that much more although it is insanely heavy and big. I can tell you there are a lot of other tools I would love to have for this project (band saw, fixed belt sander, etc) but I have had to improvise. I manage to cut out all the pieces with just the table saw and a jig-saw and the help of many helpful new clamps (seriously I think this project is just an excuse to buy more tools). ┬áAfter this I placed in all the bracing supports and then dry fitted everything to see if it would all fit.┬áLuckily┬áeverything seemed to be all right and the main issues where in figuring out how to mount the external usb’s, these will allow for external keyboards, mices and game controllers.


After all this was time to layout the joystick and buttons which I did in cardboard then tested with the hardware. Everything worked swimingly, so with the control board in place it was time to drill, I also drilled extra buttons on the side of the cabinet and under the main control board these will allow for player select and pinball games. Feeling comfortable with everything it was time to glue and assemble everything together (fingers crossed). I learned in this process to take one pieces at a time I was excited to get it all in place in one sitting but highly recommend taking your time, and you can never have enough clamps. Next up was figuring out how the monitor would be mounted. This took some time and though but in the end was a lot simpler than I was┬áoriginally┬áplanning as seen in the pictures. Pleased with everything I am now just filling in some nail holes and sanding the cabinet down in prep for the primer and paint. On the hardware side I had now got my monitor and marquee lighting running off the PSU, very exictied about this as one of my goals was to have only one power cord. More on this later. Below are pics on the final glued together cabinet. Now off to paint…


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Feb 14

Back to the Arcade

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It is close to a year that I last abandoned the project and now it is time to get back on it. Having been fret with hardware issues I lost drive on the project especially when the weather started turning for the good and yard work was calling.

This weekend I got back at it and decided to tackle the cabinet itself as this might help in deciding on some of my hardware replacement choices and a few last hardware pieces. I did some research on some cabinets and found some of the aspects I like about some of the best ones and wanted to mix in a few details of the classic tabletop Coleco games I played so much as a kid.

After spending a few hours playing around with a couple of drawings I cut out all the pieces and built this cardboard prototype. I am really happy with the result but might increase the height about an inch to allow for some more room for the buttons and joystick.

Next is playing with the button/joystick configuration.

Cabinet Prototype

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Mar 22

Mini Mame Cabinet Project

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So of all the geeky projects I could start and do I was inspired by a post on a mini mame cabinet here. I figured this would be a really fun project to do and allow me to play all my favourite classic arcade games that I loved as a kid. On top of all this I thought having a cabinet around like this would be a good way to introduce the kids to video games in a way that I was hopefully creating a greater appreciation for them instead of jumping them into the modern game scene.

For those of you who don't know I Mame stands for multiple arcade machine emulator. Basically once this is all set up I will be able to play all my favourite arcade games and some other consoles with little difficulty or have wasted some time doing something creative and burned a little money (shhh don't tell Naomi). 

After doing a lot of research I have decided on the guts of my cabinet being the following all ordered from NCIX which is my supplier of choice.

  • Kingston KTD-DM8400A/2G PC2-4200 2GB DDR2-533
  • PICOPSU-90
  • Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB 7200RPM 32MB Dual Proc 3.5IN SATA Hard Drive

Here is all the hardware before connecting it all up. So far I have it all connected and running windows XP so that I can run the front end Maximus Arcade which I have chosen to use. Next step will be moding the LCD panel I bought to go with all of this.

I have been talking about building an Arcade cabinet for some time now and tackling a mini cabinet seemed more reasonable and a better use of space. In the end Naomi has been completely supportable of this project and that is what counts most. I will keep you all posted as the progress continues.

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